Tired Reaper

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Grim Reaper got late at work that day...


Small surprise. : ) though I could suggest that there is still a room you can improve the story.

Lol. Funny. I like it

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That was pretty funny! Good job!

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It was adorable in a strange sense. I liked the fact that Death/Grim Reaper was reading "The Book Thief." It did get super awkward when they were just standing there. I mean, it's all about waiting for the guy to die, but the waiting was a bit long in some places. But overall, it was definitely cute and something out of Mad magazine (which I'm not saying that you copied Mad magazine, I'm saying one could see it in Mad magazine and be like "Yep. That belongs here.")

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Everything looked pretty good in this one, the sound effects were alright, the style was good, there weren't any moments filled with silence because we had at least some background noise this time around (even though i think some music from those old silent movies would've been better), the comedy was nicely done and the environment was colourful.

Good job.

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2.97 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2015
10:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Original