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Ya! Sorry that it's not as polished as I'd like, I only had 12 hours to do EVERYTHING. ._.

Anyway, let's get right to the stuffz.
Use A | D to move left and right. Hold down the button to stay in that side. If you release, your ship will move back to the center.

Sorry 'bout that bug, it's fixed now.
-Updated ship speed
-Updated gold ship speed

-Released the game.

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i LOVED IT, anyway how do you get the golden ship?

GMR516 responds:

I take it you haven't scored higher then 35.

First off, 'twould be pretty hard to say anything bad about the graphics :D
It would be pretty cool to have something in sync with the music though, that's what makes a really cool dodge game, also the music is pretty awesome, well I guess that when you're dancing while playing, the music does its job.

But the little problem is that you don't control your ship freely, you're limited to 3 options and said ship goes way too fast for the game to be really a blast, since you just give up after 30-50 (the most endurant 230 it seems) dodges because there's nothing really new after that. The solution would be to make the ship a bit slower and have enemies coming from everywhere. Besides that, of course powerups and that kind of shit would be much appreciated.

But anyway, I liked this game, so I'm giving it a fair rating :)

GMR516 responds:

Thanks for that, I had the ship slower, but there was a glitch where quickly pressing either A or D would allow your ship to stay in the middle, and thereby dodge any obstacles that would come from anywhere. Thanks for the rating though!

found a cheat to easily dodge... just kinda hard to maintain and its probably what law did

GMR516 responds:

*nods* Yeah, I figured it out after awhile. I'll patch it with the Golden Ship Movement from the start, and update the golden ship to instantaneous.

Very simple, but easily an addictive game. However my recommendation is to use the motion of the "golden ship" from the start. I'm not going to post how I managed to get the score I did (over 200, closest to me is 38), that way others have a challenge to beat :b. I will say though it was done fair, but not possible to do with the golden ship. Good luck players! This one is tricky.

GMR516 responds:

I got you. After a few testing sessions, I saw what you did. Nice job anyway though. :D

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4.19 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2015
12:16 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight