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Details of the update:
Start with nothing, then became a Beta Tester or Professional player. Build your own game store, and end up making your AAA games.
Get your maximum revenue in this Idle and clicking game based on the game industry.

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I like the game, but the speed bonus still doesn't work. Says that game shop should produce every 11 seconds, but takes at least 30 seconds. Fix the bugs and it is a 5

this is fun. I like it. Btw the designer looks like Jeff the killer XD

Please move the achievements notification out of the playing view, or have them disappear on their own. I woke up this morning and had to click through 20 of them to continue playing!

Also, please allow purchase of people/buildings by Clicking on them, instead of having to move the mouse over to a 'Buy" button.

It's an interesting concept to have assets produce gold once every set time, but waiting as much as 12 hours to get money from the games corp seems a bit crazy! It might be nice to use 'points' to reduce the wait.

On that point, I started the game last night, played for 10 minutes to get to the giraffe, went to bed, woke up and 5 minutes later, I have purchased all 4 animals, and 10 of each of their people/buildings. Great! Now what... It now seem the only option is to 'reset/ascend'. Once I do that I can use 5 points to increase my overall revenue by a small percentage, but that's it. There are no NEW events that happen. No more animals, or buildings to unlock. Only trophies to win. So, unless I just want to make more money, there is no actual point to play longer.

This is unfortunate. I actually liked the game and it actually has a real-world connection (unlike clicker heroes) but if there is nothing new to see, I and perhaps many others, will just stop playing.
I don't know how you could fix this and keep the realism. AAA game company is pretty much the top. Maybe, buy a advertising company or TV station...ending in a moon base! haha. Anyways, good luck. The design and art is excellent.

Nedrago responds:

Thanks for your feedback... We are working in a Big Update We will take all your points.
Thanks a lot really.

Hey. While the idea of this idle game is pretty original, I feel that the game may have put too much emphasis on "ascensions" (soft resets). It might be from the slowness of the Rabith businesses, which may provide a huge chunk of revenue, but may be practically useless without offline farming, which this game does not have.

Also, I noticed that there is a major bug in the "Increase 2x g/c" upgrades. Instead of multiplying my current gold per click value, the upgrades increase the value by just 10 g/c. I recommend checking the game's gold per click algorithm to fix this problem.

Overall, I'll rate this game an 8/10. Not bad, guys.

Nedrago responds:

Thanks for your feedback, we are working in a mayor update with all these improvements.
Check back soon :)

Bug: The time reduction upgrades don't work. Even after you buy them, each business continues to generate revenue at the original speed.

In general... you can pretty much get all four levels of businesses going within a short time, and from there it's just idle gold mining to get the additional upgrades/perks. Dull. Nothing to build up to long term. And having to reset back to zero and start from scratch to level up the managers? Annoying.

Nedrago responds:

Thanks for your feedback, we will fix the bug in the next update.

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3.20 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2015
2:40 PM EDT
Simulation - Other