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Dont see the game? using chrome? up right on your browser there is a X, click on it, MAGIC!
!!!FULLSCREEN!!! Right click on the game and click on FULLSCREEN!!!!!

Twitter: @ClairvoyanceDev
Party Game Shooter in which the character you control may Derp at any time! He may Derp walking, shooting, jumping... he is very clumsy :S

We made this game at a Game Jam! Called Jam.Ar in March of 2015 :D

Player 1 Controls
Move: W A S D
Shoot : G

Player 2 Controls
Move: Arrows
Shoot : L

XBOX gamepads compatible!
Toggle extra characters: Numbers 3 & 4 (only available using gamepads)

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great game to play with friend! (hope to have friends to play soon anyway xD)
simple and fun for just derping around with friends

if you want you to make it more accesible for more people you could make this game for android and make a multiplayer game via bluetooth (like simple lan parties via bluetooth) (just an idea, i'm not a programmer or anything, just like game to play with friends anywhere)

Anyway great stuff man!

Well, it's not very fun in single player. I agree a lot with Werga. This game could be great, it just needs some improvements (e.g. extra weapon choices, Player vs. AI, extra stages, real gun sound effects to sell the illusion that you're using a gun (The mouth *pew* sound effects, I just don't like them)). Again, this does have a lot of potential though.

Afon responds:

As said in the Description of the game, this was a small party brawler game made in a game jam event between friends in just 2 days for everyone's amusement :P, the theme of the jam was "Bad Luck"
This game will not evolve into anything more than it is.
It's just meant to be played with friends while at a party drinking or whatever brain altering substance of your choosing. Have a good time and let the random Derp moments give you epic laughs :D
Its like the video game equivalent of a beer pong ;), fast, easy, anyone can play within seconds :)

It`s ok for the first minute, but i didn`t understand how the death/score system works.

Well its nothing extrodinary but its got what it takes to be a decent game. I do kinda wish there was a single player option. In short this idea needs to be expanded on like extra stages and weapons so keep working at it

My best advice is to maybe add instructions. It was very difficult to make out the controls and stuff. Otherwise, great job

Afon responds:

good catch, fixed