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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Mar 16, 2015 | 4:49 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Here's a plot twist...

Antumbra is a very odd game. It's creepy, scary, horror and incredibly hard. So hard, that you can and should expect to die dozens of times. My inspiration was thing such as Darkseed, Silent Hill, Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Shivers and Lovecraft.

Antumbra is also a very special "child" to me. Because I've made it mostly for myself. Because right now, I am having a very difficult time in my life. And I had to vent. So I took all my nightmares, my fears, my anger, sorrow and misery... And I turned it into a game. Antumbra is the most personal creation I ever made.

It's also my first game, that I made from scratch, and finished - all by myself. The game was supposed to be a lot bigger and with RPG elements but I had to cut that out due to lack of time. And It's also the first adventure game I ever tried developing. I would like to make Antumbra 2, with better graphics and longer gameplay but I have no idea would anybody actually play it. So here's this. If you would like more - please follow me wherever I am, specially at facebook, as its my primary communication channel. Please support me - and I'll make more. If you had enjoy the ride - let me now.
And if not? Well, then maybe go play CoD or Cookie Clicker or some other crap - I don't care :P

Kudos, have fun and see you at the Crossroad of Rust and Moss.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Can't even click past the eye on the first screen. But listen, that's not even the point here. I know the OP has played the penumbra series of games, and probably quake 2. So not only do I think there is nothing new or original going on here, but I think when you're so intensely reminded of another game (penumbra) before even clicking a link to see if your assumptions were well grounded in fact it's not a good thing to begin with.

I mean, it absolutely smacks of that series and you know it, 'antumbra'?. C'mon man, you can do better.

DroneLocker responds:

Do you know what Umbra, Penumbra and Antumbra means?
Google it. And umm... Quake 2? O.o where this one came from? How can you compare a pure First Person Shooter to a story-driven Adventure game?
You did NOT even seen the game yet but you tell me "i can do better"?
Read your "review". Out loud. Listen to how it sounds.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I usually really hate these jumpscares kind of games but this one had a certain charm, it made me want to keep playing while other horror games usually creep me out and force me to stop. I don't exactly know what you did to make this different from the rest but good job.

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DroneLocker responds:

Well, I enjoy thinking it was my "heart and soul" :)
And passion. Decade ago i've used to write poetry. I don't do that anymore. But i try to weave my creation with the same method. I just wait, and listen. And it comes to me, just like that. Then i just let my mind float and create without asking myself what the hell iam doing. Muse I suppose is the right word. I just let it flow through me. Like through siphon.
Thank you Radeketor :D Funny, because first 5 letters of your nickname (Radek) - is my real life name :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It is a wonderful game. I don't feel like adding anything in the already long list of reviews except of my personal expirience. In the begining I was a little bored may I say because I felt like I was trapped in a labyrinth with several ways that led to nowhere. But by your description, the reviews and the amount of videos that were made for this game I convinced myself to try harder. An indeed I started slowly to understand some things and solve some riddles that gave me motivation to go further. I didn't manage to get all of the achievments but I'll be working with it from now on, now that I don't have to care about understanding nothing! :) It was very intresting to have in mind that what I was pleying is the reallity of an other person and to make scenarios of what will happen, for example if one of your kids play this game eventually, reallizing how it is to be in it's own fathers mind.. I don't know. I have to admit that I was not able to understand what is going on and some riddles I solve with plain observation..
The whole game was tied up very well about the sound, the graphics and everything (to not repeat the other reviewers)
I had also the same problem though with freezing but only when I opened it in an incognito tab..
Congrats again for your work at your strength (if you needed any) to be this sincere, as you describe, to the internet. I am trully lookinf forward for the sequel!

P.S. I also liked that the music and the game in general was stopping when I was at an other tab. I know that this is an easy thing to do but not everyone does it!

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DroneLocker responds:

Yeah. It is some sort of a "Memento". Thank you Egaron :) And... umm. A question.
What would you think if I would start an IndieGoGo campaign? For Antumbra 2.
Because, well - the sad reality is: If I won't get some extra funding - Antumbra 2 won't happened anytime soon. You know how it works. Bills, taxes, food, basic cost of life. In my current situation I cannot afford to work on a game for 3-4 months. And Antumbra 2, if I am about to make it THE RIGHT WAY, will take this amount of time. My initial plan was to just post more games from me, and if some money would stockpile - then to start working on Antumbra. But I don't know how long it would take. Months perhaps, a year? I don't know. So to speed up the process - I am thinking about crawdfunding. This way I would skip making other games and just focus on Antumbra 2, knowing I have the money to pay my bills and feed my family.
What do you think? I... Don't want to sound like some cheap-ass who's trying to milk his 5 minutes of fame. Antumbra and my success is some sort of miracle in my life. And I will never risk what I have right now, if there's a risk.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Stuff you see when you close your eyes...well, I might have nightmares every night if I saw these things every time I closed mine. Finished the game and I actually didn't think the game was too difficult, I think mostly because there was that warning to think outside the box. I died a couple of times of course, but overall it was really enjoyable for that thinking part. Plus, the horror aspect was good and not super in your face. I also really liked that hallway part of the game. It was a good blend of thinking about your surroundings and being patient while adding that scare factor without a pop-up. The sounds were done really well also. I was glad to not have heard any of the overused horror samples. I didn't get all the medals but are we able to save the kid?

Hope to see more games from you :)

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DroneLocker responds:

Yeah some people this is some sort of marketing trick or something. But actually - i am being very honest here, inside my game. I do see those thing. I've always was. And to tell you the truth - i like them. I like dreaming. I rarely have nightmares because i don't consider those as a nightmares. I am a Lucid Dreams, so most of the time i am fully aware that i am dreaming, and that nothing in this realm can harm, as i am the only true God in my Land of Rust and Moss. Still i try to not control this little twisted world. I let it roll as it wants. This enables many interesting events to occure. Stuff that i would not come up with on my lucid own.
All i the audio i made by myself. Every organic sound effects is me and my microphone. And all audio too. I did had some eventual Lets Play's in mind when making the game. And i know how overzelous YouTube/Google can be with the audio. So i designed it all by myself. To ensure no one will fall into any troubles when recording. And thats also why i had not included a button that controls the SFX/Audio. I really wanted people to play with the sound. Without it - this game losses 70% of its power.
About the child - quoting our beloved, teeth collecting Grandma...
"You have no son..." :3
Thank you Crane. Thank you very much for giving me and my creation a chance. <3


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dude, this is game is causing waves! I really want to do a whole written article review, but feel it's too unfair to point out evident flaws to your "first game", and instead i am going to be praising you on what i think you have done well (and hell do i have a lot to cover). what you are doing here is revolutionary, seriously. I review tons of indie games, and am constantly being bombarded by awesome innovative and meta breaking stuff, but this, this like i said is causing waves. I spent on the excess of 6 hours playing this game. Solving the riddles, genuinely felt difficult and made me think outside the game, as if i was starring in a sort of twisted version of 'National treasure'. digging up clues and getting stuck in to something so much more bigger than me just made me feel awestruck, amazed, overwhelmed!

Aside from the best riddles I've ever solved in indie gaming history, the eerie feel to this game made it feel authentic, and i cannot praise you enough for not falling into the jump scare= Horror game 10/10 stereotype (although the first encounter with the creature can be considered a jump scare, it didn't really feel cheap) and oh my God (pun intended) did you set the creepy atmosphere, the massively melancholic, dark, taboo and blasphemous theme, made me feel sick to the stomach but in a great creepy and extremely intrigued way, like a huge fantasy, I block away but secretly crave, and that was it, from Pac-satan appearing all of a sudden to BDSM angel this sort of fed my secret desires making me feel bad but good and a whole lot more immersed.

Please, please, please do not ditch this series, make another, remaster this, carry on with the melancholic, hell twisted themes, the riddles that are immensely difficult, and the decision based layout, you have something so good in your midst right now, man i seriously would donate to helping you develop the next game ASAP. This is not a formal review of your game, but a emotion filled one.

Best wishes, Fay.

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DroneLocker responds:

Oh wow. Fay. I don't know where to start. You left me speechless.
Yeah I hate jump-scares. They are sooooo overused in both movies and games. Like the thickhead designers never heard of the psychological horrors. Because the true horror is not the one that makes you jump in your chair, but the one that makes your mind disturbed, uneasy.
Like millions of tiny black spiders crawling its way into your ears when you are being paralyzed.
See what i did there? You felt that spiders, did you?
And there is not a bigger fear on this planet, then to feel hopeless. When we feel pure fear, we jump back, we escape or try to fight the danger. But when we bump something that is greater then we are. Something that makes us feel insecure, weak and fragile. Something that overpowers us on each level... This is the true fear.
I am actually thinking about something... Because, many people request me to make another game like this. But you know, the sad reality is - I am poor :( I cannot afford to work on a game for 3-4months, not being able to make some money and pay bills. So I am thinking about IndieGoGo campaign but... I really don't know where to start. I fear people will look at me as another money-grab, that tries to milk his 5minutes of fame. I don't want to be remembered like that.
But I am pretty sure Antumbra 2 would be 10 times better then 1. Not because I am so full of my self. But because in Antumbra 1 - I had maybe show 1/10 of the whole. I would just take the remaining, unused 9/10, that I couldn't include from the beginning and made a game around that. The whole story... Has not been told, yet. Fay, any advices? What should I do?
I am just little, twisted me. One person. I am not a studio. I don't have experience with this sort of things. And I really had not imagined Antumbra would explode like this. I am so unprepared. And when I know I want to continue - I don't know how.