Fruit Factory

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Good Money 25 Points

make at least $1000 worth of money.

Mega Fruit! 25 Points

produce a mega fruit.

I am Rich Now 50 Points

make at least 2000 worth of money.

Team Work 50 Points

end a 2-players game with 1000 money difference or higher.

Factory Saboteur 100 Points

get (-100) or lower !

Perfect Balance 100 Points

end the game with exactly 0 money.

Author Comments

originally made for LD31.
all you need to do is to make sure the Fruits will go into the right box. throw out any unwanted fruits or use them in the machine to get the mega fruits!

also the 2 players mode is hilarious.

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yes 5 star

FarisAlmajd responds:

ty sir... havnt been to newgrounds in a while and you made my day..

I think this sort of game is very addicting, but I found the controls rather awkward. Perhaps if there was an option to control it with the cursor it would be better, unless the intended challenge is within the awkward controls itself. Nice idea, simple.

FarisAlmajd responds:

thank you for your comment.
I have found that making the game challenging with better controls will require to shake the gameplay a lot. as a dev you must know when to stop improving a game that is not going anywhere... its not healthy.

impossible medal -
"Factory Saboteur (100 Points)
get (-100) or lower !"

FarisAlmajd responds:

I sure got it!
the secret is: you have to use the bonus machine.

i got over 5000 score on the ludum dare version, too bad there weren't leader boards :(

This game isn't very good..... First off the controls aren't that keen, secondly it didn't even tell me how to play until i went back to the main screen- clicked multiplayer, - and then the controls popped up for a good 1 second or so, for me to click the top right corner click the stop button and then it told me the controls on 1 player. When I first started it I couldn't figure out the controls because the pop up screen telling me them didn't pop up. The gameplay itself isn't that great either, you're trying to organize fruit into 2 baskets, that's the main point of it.... The worst part is though as soon as a fruit on the conveyor belt is coming up and it's falling- on the last fruit it's supposed to go in the basket normally, but as it's falling the basket changes and you're unable to stop it (were talking about milliseconds here to save it) unless you think before time and grab it. That's not strategy it's just faulty game mechanics. After that happens it causes you to gain a mistake and that can easily EASILY happen, after 10 mistakes it's game over and then if you want to start it up again you're back to the same thing of sorting the fruit into 2 separate baskets just for the baskets to change simultaneously and cause the mistakes to happen. It wouldn't be as bad if your character you control didn't sway up and down constantly, but even then that still wouldn't fix the problem.
I don't recommend playing this, not even for the medals.

FarisAlmajd responds:

thanks for the feedback... this is by far the worst review I got since Ludam Dare :). Its fascinating to see how some people would tell me it is too hard while the other suggested to increase the difficulty.

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2015
2:23 PM EDT
Skill - Collect