Rocketship Romance

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A simple adventure-platformer where you play as a princess seeking her Prince Charming. Solve the puzzle at the end to beat the game.

Arrow keys or WASD to move.

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Nice game, with deep meaningful ending. I really enjoyed the experience :)

Platforming was to easy, one of the levels the border blocked my view so I was stuck for a minute, and the last level with the three potions was VERY confusing, but the rest was good.

pi3butcher responds:

I had earlier complaints about the platforming being too difficult so I changed it xd I will redesign the platforming to find a better compromise and remove the view issue as well. Thanks for feedback!

Thks for the moment, but caution of the sound mixing plz,

pi3butcher responds:

I am very inexperienced with sound and was only to get a little help on it :( Are certain sound effects too loud? I can make them lower. I am glad you enjoyed the moment though :)

"They don't have to be perfect...as long as they're an astronaut..."

While the ending confused me a bit, I still had fun with this game. Short, simple, and stylized platforming always ensures a good time.


Quick question, though. Was that George Clooney from Gravity at the end? :P

pi3butcher responds:

I am glad you enjoyed it ! And maybe :p

As for the end, I was trying to express that I feel love isn't about finding a perfect person or emotional state. I feel it is more about two imperfect people taking a journey together. The end was meant to symbolize her being ready to accept the imperfection of potential romantic partners and begin that journey. The astronaut is meant to represent someone who took the same journey as her before. He sought out his perfect princess, but ended up alone in space. I wish I could have conveyed all this better, but I had such a short time frame to work on it :/
Maybe I'll go back here and there to clear things up when I have time :)

Nice little pixel platformer game, the platforming challenges weren't so difficult and there's a bug that if we press the up/down buttons for more than one or two seconds the screen is gonna scroll up or down.
That black mist around the borders of the game screen were a nice touch.

pi3butcher responds:

I had another complaint about the screen issue :( Should I make WASD the sole control scheme? (And update the in game controls graphic to match this?) I didn't have this issue so I apologize for not catching this earlier.

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3.15 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2015
11:04 PM EDT
Adventure - Other