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Tropical Ice Tycoon

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Manage your business, unlock all the secret recipes, and become a powerful tycoon!

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Love it!

Not a bad game but the recipe creation, as others have stated is quite tedious.

Hints like "You need X ingredient" and the like would be very nice and a list of all the recipes that can be made in-game period would also be helpful since trying to remember what recipes I've done already (from previous plays) is just as annoying. There are lots of games that list what you can make in them & I've found that quite helpful. Otherwise cute and kinda fun.

This game starts off really strong. You start setting up your stands and profit starts rolling in while you create some of the easier recipes. It starts to lose its steam in the middle of the game, once you have all of your stands started and you need to upgrade/optimize your sales. You did make it easier to get some of the recipes, but the ones requiring 5+ ingredients are still to tedious.

What annoyed me about creating new recipes was the lack of hints. The creation "hint" that one of my ingredients may have made the taste worse (or no hints at all at time) got annoying, I could count the stars or write it down so i have a reference to make it easier or you could consider highlighting ingredients that didn't match a known recipe. something along the lines of "That might taste good if you don't add coffee to it." or even "I think it needs some coconut"

The other point i would like to make is the optimization of drinks when you have a fully upgraded cart. I started with the mall sense it has HIGH traffic all the time (and offsetting the higher rent cost) but even with high traffic, 50% decrease in sales cost and full advertisement i wasn't able to get a stable 100% sales with full stock(75% stock didn't yield 100% sales either >_>) on any of the drink combos i tried. Does decreasing the cost of the drink correlate to an increase of sales? Is there just to few customers to sell 120 drinks in a HIGH traffic area? I'm not sure if it was mentioned in the tutorial or not, but it didn't seem like decreasing the cost of an item had an impact on sales.

I love how you can make your own ice creams!

I really do like the game, but the recipe creation is so tedious. If there was a hint system (more than knowing that its three random ingredients out of 30), or a way to make it flow better/faster, that would be awesome.