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TD-Til All Are One

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Even after you get in to your programme, you gotta finish the school year. Hopefully, Administration doesn't screw you over on the way there.

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Can def relate; Community College in 2007, acing web design while flunking history. "Oh hey... yeah, we saw you were flunking history, so the system unregistered you for webdesign until you get that GPA above 2.5!"... which is why I got into web design& going there for computer classes in the FIRST PLACE... those fucks.
I'm planning to watch, and likely 5-star, each, and every one of your masterpieces while the virus condemns us to our couches. I'm caught up to 2015 so far. Comment you later!

It llooked like you were about to kill that woman

Jesus, i got angry just listening to that. Glad you still got into illustration though

This is waaay too relatable for me. Was about to be allowed in a chemical engineering major but they put off the decision to see how I would do in my math courses at the time. Got B's in calc 3 & 4 so they denied me and I went to chemistry (on that note I really wish art and science crossed paths more often). This was in the midst of people telling me 'oh you're smart you got this' and it all it does is add to your over-confidence in yourself.

Your illustration skills are AWESOME and combined with your narrative skills that you seem to let your personality come out in really make for an excellent storytelling experience. I believe it's that latter that really makes you stand out to me here. Can't wait to see more from you!

Raziberry responds:

Aw thank you! And yeah, art and science don't see enough of each other. They should hook up for drinks. Not tryin' to play matchmaker or anything, just sayin'.

Amazing job i love it

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Mar 14, 2015
12:20 AM EDT