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Blue and red arrows

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Blue and red arrows: Press the right keys to score
Sounds works with firefox and chrome, maybe other too
3x updated

Keyboard layout toggle > shift

When blue arrow up appear > arrow up
When blue arrow down appear > arrow down
When blue arrow left appear > arrow left
When blue arrow right appear > arrow right

When red arrow up appear > w
When red arrow down appear > s
When red arrow left appear > a
When red arrow right appear > d

You have 10 seconds on start. Every 10. correct input you get 3 seconds (limit of counter timer are 10 seconds)
Game Over is when you press the wrong key or/and time is up.

1. Update: graphics
2. Update: graphics and 3 seconds bonus time
3. Updates: graphics, Keyboard layout toggle, bux fix and sounds added

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Pretty simple and addictive, BUT pretty simple (and addictive). As it is, I think this game offers no real incentive: no scoreboard, no reward, no achievements... Also, no music and sound effects to keep me awake, and no AZERTY option.
Apart from that, quite a good idea, but it needs refinement in my opinion.

JamesXXXYZ responds:

THX. Sound effects i could insert and maybe music too. Incentive depends on how i can handle C2 plugin for newsgrounds and i need to check out details.
AZERTY option is really important so i'll update it.

It's a fun little game, and tricky too! There's just not much longevity. As it is, I wouldn't actually consider coming back to play it again because it's so short.
It would be more likely to keep people coming back if you made it where correct inputs added a little bit of time and mistakes took away some time.

JamesXXXYZ responds:

THX. I thought allready something like that. Every 10. correct input you get some time.

Right track with the type of game. People love a good addictive and challenging game. Work on the look and you may have something solid

JamesXXXYZ responds:

Thx for your advice.

I can't read it! Also, it's really dull.

JamesXXXYZ responds:

I'm not sure what you mean with i can't read. Resolution error (640x480), don't know why. Now it is better.