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We are finally launching to IndieGoGo campaign for the comedy-filled, action packed, conspiracy riddled season 2 finale of Awesome Land, Case File 51!


The world of Awesome Land is facing it's biggest adventure ever, when the group meets a shy girl who has a secret so big, so amazing, that the CIA and aliens are after her. The group must face this amazing adventure with all they can muster.

This episode is going to be absolutely enormous. It will require the hiring of new animators, hiring a composer for original music, paying new voice actors, buying copyrights for things, and all that stuff. And to do that, we need about $9,000, and that includes perks. But to get that, we need your help! We need your help to fund the episode, and if you can't, get the word out! Share it around! We want to make this the biggest episode in all of Awesome Land's, and maybe even the internet's, history! We want to make it perfect for you! So go, and help fund Awesome Land: Case File 51!

People already on the team include Ronan Page, Jordan Comeaux, Kombo Reccery, and Philip Brayne!

Awesome Land (Theme Song) by Alexander Emenheiser

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