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This game was concepted and created in 5 weeks by a small and dedicated team of student devs at the School of Game Development @ Academy of Art University.

Inspired by Ikaruga, Code Name Byako is a 2.5D endless runner with fun form changing action


Bryan (Cheng Yu) Tsai - 3D Character Modeler, Texture Artist, and Concept Artist

Joseph Klein - Programmer, 3D Animator, & Texture Artist

Lourde Canavati- 3D Environment and Texture Artist

Aislinn Smitth- Rigging and UI Design

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can't see the cursor, so I keep losing focus! ><
I know I should switch to fullscreen to avoid this but still, I kinda like to know where it is. ^^'
just saying :3

I like the game mechanics, and graphics, but the game itself... feels a bit monotone. You don't seem to take much damage, and enemies don't seem to take much damage, meaning fights seem to go on forever. Also notice a bug in which the right-click menu pops-up every time I use the right-click special attack. Also, it takes a really long time to wall jump all the way to the next level... if it's not built so that a wall is raised once you beat the enemies on the current one, and you shouldn't be able to 'crawl' up a wall by wall-jumping? In which case: one more bug.

As a prototype it's good, but feels like it needs more! More reward, more pact, more story maybe. Keep it going!


some stuff needs to be fixed but DUDE this game is awesome

Pretty good so far although there's a lot to be done still.

The core mechanic is pretty nice, although perhaps you could have a few more attacks in your chain. Like first strike leads to a different second strike leads to a third strike, etc...
This is visually more interesting also.
Additionally while I see that you're supposed to pay attention to the enemy colors (ala Guacamelee), it's far too easy in this game to just macro the space bar and the left click to repeatedly trigger and just run into everything. Guacamelee puts in a slight delay during and after switching along with a forced animation which forces the player to strategically switch and avoid getting hit while doing so.
The level design isn't bad, but it's much too... boring? For a game like this you actually could go full out Metroidvania-style with your level design without compromising any gameplay. That and it would keep the game interesting.

The 2.5D works, but colors are okay. The colors work for a while, but it gets very eyestraining after a very short while. Perhaps consider using various color schemes (triadic, complementary) to add highlights which can also enhance the player's experience. That or use those color schemes to make certain things pop out more such as enemy attacks or your own attacks.

Of course all of this is my opinion and what you do is based upon your design goal. But those are some suggestions~

Keep it up~!

~Phyrnna ^_^

It's okay.

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2015
7:45 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun