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My teacher wanted us to make a animation of an advertisment for a TV Show. So I chose everyone's favorite Zelda cartoon.

I would really like feedback from more experienced animators. Although this was done with sprites I plan on drawing my own resources later on.


Nice job, this definitely was funny. What I liked about it was how you managed to make sprite characters travel across 3d backdrops without it looking displaced; that is impressive considering how easily that can come off looking amateurish. You had decent voicing for the piece and I felt that it managed to carry a short story with the scene transitions that went with it.

My major point for improvement would be leaving more time for the character movements; it came off as very jumpy even in the 24fps setting. I hope to see more from you.

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It wasn't the best pixel animation I've seen. And don't you need all 3 triforces to be unstoppable? Not just 2?

Andyfritter responds:

Watch the show, I dunno

A decent take on the intro of the Zelda animated series.

pretty cool

You get a lot of points for actually making me laugh.

Allright, lets go.
+ Good audio quality
+ Using flash
+ No extensive credits rolls for such a short movie

- Non-optimal sprite usage. You need to learn basic lipsynching.
- Somewhat low frames per second. I recommend at least 30 for movies like this+

I look forward to what more you can do, especially at your own pace.

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Andyfritter responds:

Thank You so Much! and I know the FPS is low, my teacher hardly knows anything about what she teaches, so she demanded it be 24 fps. Sorry about that. And for the sprites, I was pressed for time so lipsynching is something I really want to learn but just didnt worry about for this project.

But Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for sharing your knowledge.

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Mar 13, 2015
7:32 AM EDT