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Escape Plan: Temple

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You've always been a great fan of temples. Today is the day you can explore a real one, because someone you know kidnapped you and put you in a temple! You need to find clues and collect pieces to escape this temple!

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I woke up in the temple... like I know where that is, how I got there and thus how I should be getting out already. :P I like the added elements of comedy though, and the graphics are pretty detailed. Good control, ambient music; challenging puzzles. Nice game!


oyunlar1COM responds:


Is there a way to get treasure and escape or is the ending just a joke? (When he says that he should have looked for treasure)

oyunlar1COM responds:

It's just a joke!

Much improved look, feel and animations. I see you put extra effort into this. Next time though there should be at least ten doors/levels to solve.

oyunlar1COM responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Game play is fine. I got stuck at the last level because I couldn't obtain a circular item to fit with a stick. The puzzle on the left hand side didn't work for me although I had pressed exactly the same sequence as shown in the walk through. :|