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A Dragon Named Coal

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Chrome has sadly disabled Unity's Web Player, meaning if you are using Chrome the above demo probably doesn't work anymore. No fear, you can use Firefox, IE, or download a native build at the link below and still play (Mac, Windows, and Linux supported).



* Newgrounds does not allow us to disable the right click menu
* Want a native Windows, Mac, or Linux build? Downloads at the link below


If you find a bug you would like fixed, report it here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aEN0ZfobwSLRhs7yVVyoPMPBQEfWh-2zT3nXaYJqebI/viewform


Not all fairy tales end happily. A Dragon Named Coal is a dark fairytale with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night style gameplay and branching story mechanics of Dragon Age: Origins. The game is primarily being created by a husband and wife game studio. Currently we're actively developing for Mac, Windows, Linux, and console platforms.

* Explore a dark fantasy open world that reaps what you sow
* Cleverly composed levels that reward exploration and experimentation
* Your decisions drastically change how villains and heroes develop
* Upgrade your skills with a Skyrim style system reworked for metroidvania mechanics
* Flexible companion system with characters that change based on play style

Civil war hollows out a legendary kingdom to a husk of its former glory. In a last effort to save his people a king embarks on one last quest. But a young outcasted dragon named Coal may be able to accomplish what the king’s great armies and sorcerers cannot. For his decisions will echo throughout generations to doom or save everyone.

As Coal you’re put in the shoes of a young dragon who’s been outcasted for his odd obsession with humans. During your adventures you’ll make decisions that dramatically influence characters in the game. Some of these changes are immediate and others can be seen when re-encountering characters (as the game has a time lapse). While adventuring you’ll acquire a legendary sword known as the Soullass. The Soullass, Coal’s scarf, and other equipment can be upgraded from specific materials acquired throughout the environment. Write your dark fairytale, change the world, and explore a world that responds to your decisions.

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anybody know were can i play this game? it doesnt work in any place, even i download the game but isn't work

unfortunately, firefox has broken this as well

I remember playing this game and watching its growth from the start, every few months when I want to play a fresh crisp game with originality I come to this one; always pondering in the feeds, videos and updates of this game. It is so rare to find a game with this amount of proficiency despite not being recognized much. Kind of sad actually that a many games by major publishers are all hyped up when releasing on console platforms, but then become criticized after word (but not in a major way I don't want to get too deep into this, but even I get tired of the "breath-taking" open-world genre.) My point is, the modern games are all trying to advance in terrain size, audio and especially visual proficiency, but your game shows what we're lacking in video games now: the quality of the game itself. I am speechless about the plot (positively) and the other vital parts of the game. One day in the future, I will look back upon this game and find it to finally achieve many wonders that not many video games have gotten before. I will look forward to it...

Fun game. I really enjoy games where the character movement is this smooth.
It's interactive, which makes the game environment fun to be in.

I haven't gotten past the first scene with the house and I've already glitched twice where I couldn't move anymore. Granted, I like to mess with the graphics of games and see where the boundaries lie. So I kind of pushed my luck.

The first time I glitched and couldn't move was with the square rock on the lift inside the first doorway, he just simply stopped moving after I got the chest up above and jumped back on the lift and landed right next to the rock. He just sort of froze.

Second time I glitched I pulled a rock outside after fighting bad guys and jumped on the light post outside and jumped off, then I went straight through the ground and got stuck below it.

Hope this helps in some way, great game.

Great work here! I just love the dark atmosphere this game has.

The gameplay is done well. Controls make sense and are easy to use after about 2 minutes. I am going to keep an eye on this and hope it is done developing soon.