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Catch the Data!

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UPDATE: Added a scoreboard, woop woop!

Also, I added in an option to use keyboard controls. Hopefully that will resolve some issues that people have encountered playing the game!

Wow... Almost 800 views as of this writing. Thank you very much to everyone who played! Remember to rate and leave a review if you liked it! :)
As the NSA's top agent "Mr. Spoon", your duty is to PROTECT FREEDOM by collecting data from the server at the top of the screen. God willing, you'll recover plenty of DASTARDLY

Use the mouse or arrow keys to guide your avatar and collect the data. However, watch out for the IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICE. If you get hit by that or miss any data, you'll lose a life. Click to pause at any time.


Music credit:

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Incredible! GG! :)

PLS Help Me Guys ... I can't load the game :(

I usually like these games, but my mouse keep getting out of the the screen. not suitable for web. also a leader board would be a very nice touch.
still. good job. I had some fun.

logichan responds:

I will look in to making the mouse stay in the game field- thanks for pointing that out!

I didn't think people would mind a leaderboard since it's such a small, amateur game, but I'll look in to adding one- keep an eye out for it next week maybe? :)

Thank you very much for the feedback!

hmmh..not bad.
it's nice game

I like how the execution goes--as far as I am aware of the theme. The only problem I've found is any...exploit(?) of the cursor; technically, its not an exploit, however a good mechanic would be an autopause upon the exit of the cursor from the play screen (though I do like the factor of not seeing the cursor upon pausing, though this may differ for others, and tempered by that 'autopause' suggestion).

It's pretty simple, well-made, and the touch of humor brings a nice topping to the game.

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3.30 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2015
12:59 AM EDT