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El Nakedo

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Well, the response has been amazing! Thanks to everyone who bothered to write a review or vote (even those of you that hated it). I figured there'd be some contention over this one, which is, of course, why it exists in the first place. I figure if I can offend the sensibilities of many Newgrounds viewers, of all people, then I have made a major accomplishment. And a special THANK YOU to all of you that have liked and stood up for this cartoon. If it made you laugh, then great, that's the other thing it was supposed to do.


is soo hot and naked

ohhhhhh look at the hot guy wearing a mask


....I just saw a man cock slap bad guys.....

Not bad

It is interesting to see your work take into a whole new direction with this cartoon. I liked how "Penis" was spelled out in the sky as a sort of Easter Egg. Having a naked superhero who mesmirized guys with his genitals is a pretty original idea. I like how you didn't show his genitals at first, but then showed part of them, a silhouette, and then simply the whole thing. The animation is as authentic as ever. While I guess this did not become a series, I guess it was a nice little thing to experiment with.

Waxing nostalgiac

Two thousand and two. This cartoon was the feature at the top of Loserville's front page. That's when I first showed up, directed to your site by "The Grim Reaper Show" I'd found in the top 10 of the top 50.
Almost eight years ago...

During that time, you turned --EXCISED-- but it looks like you've learned to cope.

Turkey Slap

You could get kicked out of the aussie big brother house for that. Way to go El Nakedo teach them a lession.

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3.69 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2002
2:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Original