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Defense the Base

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Defense the Base is an top down Tower Defense kind of game. After the time there are more enemies with special functions like canons.

You can unlock Lasers, Rocket Launchers, Automatic Guns and a little bit more.

A-D / Arrows -> Rotate the Tower
Space -> Shoot

This game was made for the Ludum Dare Jam #31

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It was alright but I personally think it could make do with some sound effects and more content, especially with the background. Otherwise I liked the concept of the game.

Firewallcoder responds:

We will release a update with sound effects and a lot more soon.

Not bad for a TD game. Its very very bland..dull colors,no sound of any sort no effects. Plenty of people here on NG can help you with some backgrounds. a field on fire..a military base..something to say i am defending this point..none shall pass.Same with the sound effects and music.
The heal skill needs tweaked. If i don't have enough to repair i'm boned. Thats a big turn off for players. You need to be able to adjust how much you want to repair. Some of the items start out fairly priced but to go to a ridiculous level. $200 for a level 2 turret traverse? $250 for a lvl 3 bullet speed? almost $400 for a level 3 shell? $300 a pop for a left and right coax MG? The other thing that bothers me is there is no "wave" format..enemies just keep coming. Wave format gives a sense of accomplishment..of yes! this wave is down..refill my drink and onto the next.

Enemy value needs to be boosted as well. $10 for something that would take 2 hits? 50$ for something that takes 3 to 4 hits? If your going to keep the pricing the way it is then enemy kill value needs to go up.

Powerups and bonuses also help to reel players in. If i survive a wave without taking a hit then a life bonus should come in. An extra $500 would be good. The bonus dimishes as you take damage. Once you drop below 50% health no bonus awarded even if you repair. A times 2 or 3 multiplier would be good as well. makes getting those harder upgrades a bit easier to reach. A temporary haste powerup for shortening those reloads and increasing shell speed or a damage booster to help tackle the tougher nuts to crack.

Weapon selection so far is just the standard shell..why not have a lvl 1 laser available or a lvl 1 auto cannon? Low damage but high rate of fire for both. the laser can bounce off of enemies and damage another. Auto cannons have a crazy rate of fire,low damage but they can spread out damaging multiple enemies. Of course the price will sharply increase but the power even at lets say lvl 3 will still hurt well above its weigh class. New weapons can be created as well. Ever see a missile that shoots lasers while in flight? A shell that breaks down into several smaller shells after a certain distance?

Its understood it was made for a game jam..something put together in a short amount of time. Good effort but even most beginners have the basics. Background, Music, and sound effects. Controls are smooth..i've played some TD games where controls are jerky or slow to respond. this TD game has alot of room for expansion and polish. Keep up the hard work!

Firewallcoder responds:

Thank you for your review. Because of appointments I had relatively little time. But I will update the game soon.. with sound effects and graphical backgrounds. I can't make music and I don't know any musicer.. so sorry for that.

I like your ideas and I will include them in the first update.

You have a decent base for a defense game here, especially with the upgrade screen. How can you make it different from the others? I'd start with choosing a different background and a theme.

Firewallcoder responds:

This game was made for the ludum dare jam in 48 hours. Because of appointments I had relatively little time. But I will update the game soon.. with sound effects and backgrounds.