Froody's NG Trailer

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I suck at animation.
Five Nights At Froody's is coming to newgrounds!

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As an animation, it really is bad, unfortunately there is barely any animation in here,
but at least the sound recording is good.

I can stare at it all day

This is a very ineffective pitch for your new movie.

The trailer told me nothing about the premise of your show.

The visuals had an interesting look but it merely a character told me to watch his show.

He never told me about his show and did not get worked up like a friend telling me about a good movie.

Is Five Night at Froody's funny?

You could have included a few funny parts from that show as a sample for your new movie.

You have raised awareness for your new project but your self promotional trailer needs more polish.

I'll look into your new movie when it is released.

I just hope it is better than the trailer.


M0511 responds:

Five Nights At Froody's is actually a game, and this trailer was a joke, but thanks for the feedback!
Also, It's out right now!