Dragon Ballz

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Vageta invokes an argument with Goku; but once Goku takes it much too far, the two of them get into a cold war or their own.

The sound stalls a bit toward the end; I couldn't find a way around that, so there's not really anything I can do. However, replaying the video once should fix it to an extent.

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its not epic you lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 star

This was good for a laugh or two but Vegeta's ending in the bathroom was a bit out-of-the blue. Makes you wonder where Goku went and if they were going to fight or already fought. Therefore, a better transition is needed. Other than that, the audio and visuals were okay. Two stars overall.

Agent64 responds:

It was supposed to be sudden and unexpected, and it looks like that's the way it was interpreted; however, I was aiming to make it humorous, bearing the irony that the whole battle was just being imagined by Vageta as he was trying to overcome his constipation (after all, the grunting sounds that the characters make when they transform kinda reminds me of constipated grunts XD)

Well, anyways, thanks for the review. ;)

The drawing style provides an interesting interpretation of the combatants.

I would much rather see the unique drawing style of the satirist rather than look at carbon copies of the anime.

I only consider it to be important that the characters are still recognizable.

The art style is entirely open to new interpretation.

Some elements of this movie completely destroys some level of originality out of this parody.

Parody by definition is not original; However, additional creative elements can still create something brand new.

The teenage mutant ninja turtles comic book started out as a parody of dare devil and has expanded into it's own entity.

The drawing style along with the goofy animation added an interesting element of comedy.

The coloring on the characters leaves small gaps that could have been easily fixed.

The brush strokes were a bit sloppy but you will improve with practice over time.

I liked the voice acting in this movie and you should utilize his talents in future movies.

The movie shows a lot of promise but the humor quoting internet memes ruins an otherwise solid movie.

That just saying gag has caused me to cringe.

I'm aware that it is a pun playing on the word saiyan but that joke has been beaten into the ground.

I love the concept of Goku having a petty argument with Vegeta.

That argument escalates into a ridiculous fight scene and you could have mocked the animation flaws of dragonballz.

This parody shows a lot of potential and future episodes will get better.

I look forward to seeing new movies from you.


Agent64 responds:

Thanks, dude! :3
I love your level of constructive criticism. Normally people either say "this is great", or "this sucks", but with your advice, now I know what I did wrong, and it'll contribute to improvement.

I will agree that it's not very original, and it could've used a bit more originality, but something loose and easy like this is sometimes fun to make.

I know there were some coloring gaps, but I didn't bother to correct them, as I had already duplicated various frames with the oversights, and the process of correcting each of them is tedious; and normally I wouldn't let the tediousness stand in the way of perfectionism, but I figured little to nobody would notice (obviously I was wrong XD)

I will definitely utilize mErZeE's voice talents more often, especially because of his willingness to contribute. (he even asked me if he could help; it was quite nice of him).

And believe it or not, I frankly did believe I came up with the "Just Saiyan" pun, but provided the fact there are well over 7 billion people in the world, there's bound to be several others who have come up with that joke before I did, if not something entirely similar; therefore, it did not come as a surprise that someone else had beaten me to it.

But anyways, nevertheless, thanks for your advice. ;)

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Mar 9, 2015
5:46 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody