Lone Mouse vs Bad Cat

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The deal is that the one who lose the game, leaves the area and the one who wins the game, keep living in that area. The game is as follow; they are going to throw the items which they have, to each other from certain distances and the one who is most successful at shots and who knocks out the opponents hp to zero, wins the game. You can play this game in two different mode. You can make a match against computer by selecting first option. You can make a match against your friend as two player, by selecting second option.

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Honestly, this is such a great concept! It's simple enough to play as an arcade classic or party game! The only weakness is that since the characters cannot move, once you know the correct angle and strength it takes to hit the other player, you can use that method every time, which is why I believe that if the characters can run back and forth on a screen to where you can see both players, you'll have a more exciting game because the other player will position himself to where you don't know which angle and strength to hit, so your constantly changing strategy. Keep that in mind, because if you add that element, I think the game can be incredible arcade fun! I loved bubble bobble for the sake of angle guessing! Please make another in that style, and come up with a cool art style like the mouse looking like Deadmau5 or like chu chu rocket art or something! If you made that challenge, I would play much more, plus a time limit choice may even bring the difficulty even higher. GREAT JOB! So simple, but so fun! XD

couple things...few glitches with where i clearly hit the enemy but it said i missed, and the wind is not very balanced. kinda fun otherwise.

not very fun i wish this "wind" was balanced

Pretty fun, but the wind seems a little unbalanced,

The RNG seems heavily favored for the mouse. Wind was constantly running against the cat when I played as him, all the time.

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3.28 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2015
9:08 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS