The Wild Demo

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Cherry Picker 5 Points

Pick fruit off of a bush

Crafter 5 Points

Craft an item

God 5 Points

Create a world

Just a dip 5 Points

Wade in water

Miner 5 Points

Mine some stone out of the earth

Good Catch 10 Points

Caught a delicious salmon

Grug use tools 10 Points

Use a prehistoric item

Bear 25 Points

Get your fishing level high enough to catch fish with your bare hands

Insane Bolt 25 Points

Become an insane sprinter

Author Comments

NOTE: I recommend playing the game on a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox 35 or higher, hell, I even got it working on Internet Explorer 11.

-Click on the "How to Play" button for information on controls
-Press H at any time in the game to bring up the in-game wiki. It has a few tutorials, as well as a crafting list that tells you a lot of the crafting recipes in the game.
-Enter is the pause key. From the pause menu you can save your game, look at your character stats, and craft and equip items.

The Wild is a procedurally generated, open world survival RPG with turn based combat, grid based movement, and deep survival mechanics.

Create tools, hone your skills, and build your niche in the the procedurally generated world. Chop trees with prehistoric tools, catch a fish with your bare hands, even eat a whole coconut! These are all things you must do to thrive in the Wild.

The Wild is a game I made for fun during the summer of 2014 after learning 2D midpoint displacement. It takes influences from games such as Pokemon and Unreal World (http://www.unrealworld.fi/).

Unfortunately, The Wild was a bit to ambitious for my feeble mind. Considering that the game was supposed to be in the vein of Unreal World, and Unreal World had a development time longer than my life, it probably wasn't a good idea to begin with. That being said, I hope you can get some enjoyment from it (Along with some newgrounds medals). I figured it was better that everyone at least get to experience it, as unfinished as it is, than for me to have just not published it. In a way, I'm proud of it and how much I learned while making it.

A very special thanks to Nicky Case (http://nutcasenightmare.newgrounds.com/) for porting the newgrounds API to javascript. That's just plain awesome. Also a big thanks to Halindir (http://halindir.newgrounds.com/), all of his music is awesome. And of course a special thanks to my girlfriend and everyone else who supported me as I was making it.

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My twitch audience cant hear the audio and honestly im actually kinda disappointed. You should fix this

It's a very addictive demo to play. It can be confusing at the biggining but once you read the Help section everything is much understandable.

-The Help menu is very usefull, but there are many people who prefer playing before reading instructions. When the player starts the game (for the very first time) there should be shown the basic controls of the game, with the objectives of creating a shelter and the small fire.
- The fur, hide and scales should be able to be craft into winter clothes, armor or simillar.
- There are some maps that won't allow you to improove your skills. For example, if you choose one of the maps of the winter mountain (one in which only has land without any water) doesn't allow you too improove the character's swimming or fishing.

danman113 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I was planning on adding a brief tutorial island, maybe just a simple map with signs that tell you how to do stuff. As for the second point, that was one of the next big features I was going to add. As for the last point, you can modify the worldgen settings to make sure that you get a map that has those, and it shows you the general makeup of the world before you start, so you can make sure that the island you're generating has enough resources for you to get sufficiently leveled up.

This is a very good game indeed, very addictive, and a substitute for people like me, who can't get Minecraft XD. But there is one complaint i have. Every time I press spacebar, the game screen scrolls to the bottom, and won't go back up. So I can only see half of the screen. It only fixes with a page refresh, but I have to start over. Other then that, great job, I couldn't have done it better myself... Matter of fact, I couldn't have done it at all XD

danman113 responds:

Why press space, space isn't a key in the game. However, if you set one of the main keybindings to be space then it won't scroll down. You can rebind the keys in keybindings page in the settings menu. Besides that I'm glad you enjoyed it, I was going for more of an Unreal World over a Minecraft, although I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't somewhat of an influence (especially graphically).

plays like a can of worms....yeesh, i can tell you're very proud of it....sorry you gave up....lots of fancy things going on, but hey baby, like they say...."WHERE'S THE BEEF"?

I don't usually like these sorts of adventures, building worlds and etc, but I found this really interesting (even though I am really rubbish at these sorts of games). The instructions seemed complicated at first glance, but they're not overly, and I liked that they were available on screen. The music is fabulous - so kudos to Halindir.
As a developer I think you've demonstrated having successfully learned a new skill --happy to see you strut it here at NG!

danman113 responds:

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it and put in the effort to actually learn how to play it. Yeah, the controls and general interface are probably the part of the game I'm least satisfied with, although I did my best at the time to make them work (Mouse control wasn't put in until about halfway through development).

And yes, Halindir's makes great music and has tons of other great tracks on his page. I put a link in the description and I'd really recommend checking his stuff out, it's really high quality!

I learned a lot making this game, so hopefully all of that experience will go into making my next game even more fun!

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2015
7:28 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG