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Ruthless Ludo 3D

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Fast paced 3D Ludo Board Game . with a new take on it.

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I played as the blue player, and this happened to me twice:
When a red piece is on the first spot of the yellow line, and I try to 'eat' that piece, it glitches so that the two pieces are together as one, and then the red one automatically eats mine.

I haven't seen this happen for other colors, it was just specifically the red piece on the yellow line while playing as a blue player.

Other than that, the game is entertaining if you don't have friends to play with! :D

9omi responds:

HI, thanks for playing this game. seems like a light rule but could be a bug as well. thanks a lot.

Gotta be a bug that you can place two of your own pieces on the same square? And when you jump on another player, you get another dice roll, but I did this three times in a row, jumped out all the red players and suddenly... two of my own pieces are back at home base and it's their turn? Feels like there may be some bugs to sort out! Also, instructions would be nice, since some things definately seem to be different here, like the double throws.

I love the idea overall, and the 3D view where you can zoom in and move around freely, that you can play against regular people or AI, and the double movement that really speeds up gameplay. Would be cool if the dice throw had an actual dice animation somehow, btw. Good game!


9omi responds:

Hi, thanks a lot for playing and your comments.
first part of your question seems like normal functionality of the game. so if your pieces are back in base that means your piece got killed by other base. having said that i agree that there might be few things to be sorted out.

thanks a lot for your compliment . we are happy that you appreciated what we were trying to achieve here that is "fast paced 3D ludo". i encourage you to try with your friends it is 100 times better that way.

It's okay but a bit buggy...When i eat the other color pieces, you get bonuses, but there is no limit on how many times you can use them unless you roll the dice. I managed to take 4 enemies in a row and i could just retire all of my soldiers without having to roll the dice anymore. It was an easy win then. other then that, the game is fun and works well.

9omi responds:

Thanks for trying and for your feedback. it is much appreciated.

*NEW* fixed

It was a fun game, though a bit too easy. It was pretty annoying that I had to wait for all other colors to finish after I was done since they all still had 4 pieces. Another problem was the How to Play section. It is hard to understand and it's cut off for me. Also, I still don't understand about stacking. If an enemy tries to kill your pieces while locked they all die? (It didn't happen when I played so I don't know.)

9omi responds:

Thanks a lot for playing and for your review. you have pointed out exactly what we were concern about also. on base selection screen you can have 3 options Player,CPU or NONE so you can play with less 'Bases' .
in update,
1) Other bases will finish once player(s) base is finished.
2) Improved How To Play.
3)Optimised for Web( its a lot better on PC version)
you got it right for stacking . will make it more descriptive for players.
Thanks a lot and pleas try again the update version, much appreciated.

I think I found a bug.
I was curious what would happen if I'd click on the dice of another color ... and now the game is stuck.

Otherwise I really like it ^^

9omi responds:

Thanks for your comments and i agree with that 'bug'. its not 100% done so bear with us please :) . Thanks a lot


Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2015
4:20 AM EDT

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