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六面 - "Liumian" in Chinese, means six. Six sides of the cube.
You need to open the white portal to go to the next level. A cube has sides with symbols. The floor also has symbols.
Match the symbols of the cube with the symbols on the floor and open the portal. With each level you need to think more to open the portal. Developing your logic under the pleasant sounds and special effects.
Great for relaxing brain. Game for both children and adults.
No timing, number of attempts, the loss.

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I've seen it done better with both Bombastic and Voodoo dice. Your game is rather simple compared to the game mechanics they used.

I find it counter intuitive that I'm matching the bottom of the dice with the floor. This isn't really your fault as I played the games above. It is a problem that the dice is see through as it can be difficult to tell what face it is on. The guide helps but it should be complementing the real dice, and not be the main way to make decisions. The guide should also show the bottom face as that's the face not viewable normally. The guide doesn't even make sense when moving vertically.

It's very easy to solve the puzzles but I'm limited by the speed of the dice. Normally puzzle games can figure out that the level is finished without asking the player to move another 3 places forward.

There's no point in having a level select screen if you can't come back to the game later. Having them all unlocked at the start won't ruin the game but would allow players to skip to the harder levels. I find repeating the same puzzle for 10 levels just to get a single obstacle not worth it.

Not bad.
Besides the over already mentioned things: the "Tutorial" seems too long.
It realy feld like the first ten levels are there to show you the ropes.
The difficulty curve should be taken up a nodge.
Without any obstacles every single tile in the level plays the same so ten levels in a row without obstacle is too long.
Besides that good work.

A clever and well-designed game. Nice work!


dzbz responds:


I like what you did with the graphics and sound. The colors are the particle effects are terrific. The challenge is high and the gamplay is satisfying.

Seems to be a glitch, though. Whenever I go back to the main screen, no matter how far I've gotten, the levels are all locked. A mute button would also be nice far anyone who does want to quiet the sounds. It also seems a little strange that there's a "back" button on the level select screen that takes you to the title screen, where you can do absolutely nothing. Unless I'm missing something?

dzbz responds:

Sorry, but web player not suport write to disk. In PC version all levels data lock/unlock save fine. I can unlock all lavels, but the game will not interesting.
Thank's for reply

Nice time waster and well made too! GJ

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2015
10:40 AM EDT
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