Dragon Ball *Master Roshi

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This is my submission for the Seven Star Re-Animate project to reanimate a classic episode of Dragon Ball! It's only 3 seconds long, but that's part of why the projects is so fun!


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The movie is a bit too short as a stand alone newgrounds submission; However, this piece is intended for a collaboration with multiple artists.

The run time is way too short to give me anything to work with.

I will attempt to write a review anyways.

The brush strokes are clean and you've chosen colors wisely to give a polished look.

The art style is your own interruption of dragonballz characters and created a surprisingly entertaining three seconds.

The video caught my attention and look forward to seeing that dragonball collaboration.

I thought that animation collaboration for sailor moon was kinda cool.

Maybe the reanimated dragonball might be a better movie.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.


LeonDaydreamer responds:

Thanks Mightydein!
I know it's only three seconds, but I tried to make it the best three seconds I could. :)
I'm excited to see the full episode too! It was really fun working on it.