Charmander Cant Cope

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Didn't really catch what they said at the end there, something something Charizard? Animation's not bad, but the voicing's recorded in a bit low quality/clarity. Keep it going!


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Personally, I felt that the stiff movement of Nidoking was a big part of the humor of the short. You were referencing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games; and I know that those style of top-down dungeon crawlers work much like how you showed the movement. I thought the joke was solid, but I agree with maddude in that this could've have been longer both in terms of potential comedy and for your own professional benefit.

If more people were familiar with the game, you likely would have gotten a better score. Keep working on stuff and improving on all the technical aspects; I think you do good work!

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HDRevill responds:

My exact intentions pal, i would have animated nidoking in a more fluent way but i thought just the hopping would have made the joke funnier, but i can see why alot of people are commenting about it, thanks for the feedback though bro, very appreciated!

The animation was decent for the most part. I suggest that you give Nidoking a more natural movement though. Charmander's voice sounded like he is talking through a radio but that is the only issue with the audio. As for the humor, it really wasn't funny and was more anticlimactic. I suggest you take more time to develop your jokes. All in all, this was okay.

The animation and voice acting were pretty decent. I wish you had actually animated Nidoking instead of just making him jump, but other than that it was nice to look at.

I wish there was more to this vid. Maybe there's a good reason for the cliffhanger, but just ending it right o something big happens leaves a lot to be desired, especially when there's no immediate guarantee of a follow-up. And that's really the only major problem I have with this, everything else is fine. Just finish the stories your trying to tell.

Not a bad job of animating. Voices and sounds were in time and tandem. The art was clean and clearly depicted everything. Detail... That's as often a question of style as it might be a question of quality.

I know well the creation and crafting of art, and there's a reason I stick to my mediums (usually regular objects here in the material world) and I definitely stay away from animating. I know how to do it... And I would feel rushed all the time if I attempted it for myself... I lack the patience for that kind of work.
AND I'm putting this here so you can understand what I would expect of myself in this. What comes next shouldn't be a reason to beat yourself up.

There might be a good reason for a cliffhanger, but honestly, just cutting scene in the "middle" of something is getting REALLY old and REALLY used up. Take breaks. Come back, I've walked away from a project for weeks at a time, only to come back, and with fresh eyes say... "Oh, that's all it needs"... then done.
DO take your time on these kinds of things. (you remember my words about patience). As an animator, you should put more out (I might recommend comfortably between 3 and 7 minutes)
It does NOT have to be contiguous (arranged so one could make one long movie out of say a dozen shorts)... What I'm saying there, is (okay especially if you wish to market your work, and you can) skip parts you might post to free sites. Even peer-review sites, for your own content and for control of your "finished product" there's a prudence to being careful. If the cheap-skates don't want to pay, MAKE THEM WORK FOR IT.

Finally, in closing, I should warn you that since I've been rating and critiquing on NG for a while, there has only recently been one five-star rating out of me. Those are very tough, so relax, and breathe... Don't expect it, but frankly, you're actually managing respectably.
Top marks (in my book) are that. Nothing gets above them, so... don't think I take it lightly when I "judge"... as it is.

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HDRevill responds:

I really do appreciate your feedback buddy and will definitely take it on board, thanks for taking the time to write it all out, really does mean alot!

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3.16 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2015
8:53 AM EST
Comedy - Parody