toad shark crap

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The Music is 'hot fire - them never love no bans - dnb mix' under CC

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Well top notch stop motion, but the only thing I did not like was random images
between animations, if it would be just series of stop motion then it would be perfect
other than that good job and it went well together with music you.
And as I have done it myself, stop motion takes a lot of patience and time to get it right,
so good luck in future stop motion and again, good job.

killertomatoketchup responds:

thank you for our thoughtfull critic...

I enjoyed the stop motion animation. I feel like that could be your strong point for future entry's. We don't seem to have enough stop motion here on NG and from what i have seen they always get a decent rating because of how hard it is to do. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

killertomatoketchup responds:

thank you, i'm looking forward to do more (and more acurate things)!

An interesting slide show and stop-motion animation. One question, why was there a guy wearing a Swastika T-shirt at 0:45? I know it is the Nazi emblem and not the Buddhist symbol (I double checked it). I'm sensing subliminal messaging. Good try but lets not use hateful images unless it is for historical accuracy (which is clearly not the case here).

killertomatoketchup responds:

I'm sorry, that picture wasn't ment to blame someone or to spread nazi thinking. I just put some weird images together, as this one. Its a real picture of a black guy, who ist wearing a T-shirt with the symbol of racists. Its strange, thats the hole story behind it.

This was actually quite fun to watch, and I can't really come up with anything for you to fix or change! :)

killertomatoketchup responds:

thank you dude!

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2.90 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2015
5:51 AM EST