War Of Soldiers

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Join to a war conflict between East and West, and compare own fighting skills with other players globally. This new game from PacoGames production offers six maps, seven weapons, and two modes to playing. The game is optimized for smooth running also in low-performance computers so each player can enjoy great experience from the game. Feel free to make the registration and begin play for points. For start the fullscreen mode just click with right mouse button and select go fullscreen. Have fun.

WASD = move
Mouse = aim and shoot
TAB = menu
P = fullscreen
R = reload
SPACE = jump
CTRL = prone
C = crouch
SHIFT = run

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Easily one of the best shooters on New Grounds. Can get a bit repetitive though. Especially when someone memorizes the re-spawn points for the enemy troops and just picks them off each time they re-spawn.

I sat and played for about two or three hours before I realized I wanted to leave a review, which just goes to show how much fun I had with this game. It doesn't have super, duper fancy graphics and it doesn't have to to be a fun FPS. Overall what caught my attention was it's overall simplicity. You pick your room, you hop in, you shoot people; nothing more to it. The guns may be limited but they're nice and do what they're supposed to, even the explosives have a, more or less, realistic use to them. The only problems I've found, however, is that [again] there is a lack of guns. The ones that are available are nice, like I said, but having more would make for a more interesting experience. I've also found that there is a constant banner on my screen that reads "East Team Won - Restarting" "Press Pause Button.." and I cannot for the life of me get rid of it. It only appeared after my first game and only on games featured in rooms that weren't my own. It didn't hinder my game too much, just became annoying after a while. Those being the only two problems, I found that the rest of the game is wonderful. A little polish here and there, but I really enjoy the simplicity.

your secret spot i soo cool i mean like theres more then one in every map! 4.5/5?

Coudl use some work but generally it works.

Pretty impressive for an FPS game online! Smooth controls, good variation in weapons and level design, and the best feature of it all.... it doesn't lag! Knowing that it's really possible to make a game of this caliber lag-free on my computer goes to show that other developers are doing something wrong with their games. Wonder if there's anything in particular you did to combat the issue, or if it's just the result of good programming? Maybe this game uses the local cache? Anyway, as for things to improve: I'd love to have an ability to change controls, particularly the B pickup key to something closer, like F. All other keys feel natural.

I'd also love to see some more action in the offline version, maybe AI, ability to run a multiplayer game on the same computer, etc. It could be a fun game for all events. The title screen IMO isn't the most inviting, nor is the game (they both seem a bit generic) but once you start playing it's a different thing! Really nice work.


Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2015
5:19 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person