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A Pretty Odd Bunny

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*UPDATE v1.1*
First of all, thanks for all the comments, you guys have been quite helpful. I'm so glad that a lot of you liked the game and since you seems to have found more bugs than bunnies in it, I thought it would be cool to fix some of those.

Here is what I did:

-Bug #1 (Level 22 unintended shortcut): I retouched the design so you couldn't cheat on this one.
-Bug #2 (Strange Line of Sight bevavior): Corrected the Line of Sight of some bunnies so it should be more fair now.
-Bug#3 (Ghost Bunny on last level): This one was quite odd. I think I managed to fix it, but try it and let me know)
-Bug#4 (Going through solid platforms): This one could be something related to Construct2. Sadly it is beyond my knowlege, so sorry about that.

Additionaly I've added WASD support for you lefties. Have fun!

Again, thank you so much for the support!!
This bunny has serious personality issues. Enter a world of platforming madness. Solve puzzles, dust off your stealth skills and get the pig before your veggie friends see you.
A Pretty Odd Bunny is a pseudo pixelart experiment about a cute bunny following his dream... of devouring a pig.


-24 increasingly difficult levels
-Stealth action
-2 Hidden bonus levels
-Classic platformers tricks: Jumping, pushing, dodging, missing that one moving platform and falling to your dead... and more!
-Lots of unlucky pigs!

Eat Carrots in real life! ... also Meat.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OtroraGames
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OtroraGames
Tumblr: http://ajordaz.tumblr.com/
Newgrounds: http://otrora.newgrounds.com/

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This game is excellent! It's original, it's well done, it's fun, it's challenging, everything! Definitely one of my favorites in all of Newgrounds! Great work, dude! You should make more games!

Also, my gf also REALLY loved this game. She says she loves it so much that she wants to decorate her room like your game :p

otrora responds:

That will be hilarious... and too much, maybe :p But thanks! Glad you both like it.

On the final level, WASD doesn't work for controlling the balloons. For a minute, it made me think the game was supposed to end with the bunny hanging onto a balloon, staring at the other bunnies.

otrora responds:

Copy that! It should be working fine now. Thanks!

This is a nice game dude, just suggestion it will be nice if you put a time limit or high-scores base on time. But other then that this is a great game (^_^)b

This a pretty decent puzzle platformer with an amusing concept. But there are some things that you need to work on to make the game play more enjoyable:

- The audio levels between music and sound effects need to be balanced; i turned my headset for
the music only to have my ears blasted by the "eating " sound effect
- as manuel9997 points out, the rules of what you can or can't touch needs to be clear, maybe at the
beginning of entire game. Case in point, when I went to play the bacon minigame in lvl7, I didn't
know I couldn't touch the carrots, which was then explained to me in lvl8.
- I found I had trouble jumping from short platforms that had something above them

I think if you focus on these points and what other users are saying (like you have been doing), your next game will be even better.

There's one more point I have to make that I take extremely seriously : be sure to credit properly were credit is due. I noticed you have music credits to the users who helped you make the tracks. However, the game play music for each level is the obviously from the Rayman 2 soundtrack. Even if the user who made the track claims it is a remix, you still need write that is in fact a remix to give credit to the original song. An easy way around this for next time is putting song names beside the user with ( ___ remix).

otrora responds:

Thanks a lot for your words. I appreciate it. Didn't know about the remix of Rayman. I took all the music from newgrounds users and the composer of that piece does not mention it is a remix. I am very careful with those issues and the intention always was to use free music and to proper credit the owner. If it happens to be from Rayman then I think I prefer to change it. Thank for letting me know.

UPDATE: Ok, did a quick check and in fact the song is inspired by Rayman music according to the author. I'm not sure if it is a rip off, but I decided to chage it anyway. The new track is Sneaky Score by 5vedjeland. Thanks again for calling my attention on this.

Requires too much waiting, and it's not clear who sees you or what their sight range is.

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3.54 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2015
9:40 AM EST