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Tile Stepper

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A simple puzzle game. Step on all the numbered tiles and detonate any bombs to win the game!

Stepping on numbered tiles reduce their number and normal numbered tiles turn to walls when they reach 0, don't get stuck!

Red bombs turn walls in 5x5 range into number 1 tiles, while the rarer ice bombs turn them into the slippery ice tiles.

Credits to KevincentiusMusic for the background music used in this game. Go check his YouTube for more songs!

ALSO although it already says so in the game, PRESS S TO SAVE AND L TO LOAD. This will be very useful in later levels.


I am abolutely shit at puzzle games, but i do know that it's an interesting concept, and that the game only needs to be refine to be better than it currently is. Such as:

-A slicker text font, such as Arial.
-A mute button, for the love of Christ Almighty.
-And most inportantly, more color, but enough to hurt our eyes. I feel like this game is dead by the excess of gray and red, maybe more colors could fix that.

Other than that, i really do see some potential here, keep on trying, you'll get there.

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Do you think an updated version with a no-sound option could be in the future? Sorry, but the music does get really annoying after a few minutes, and I didn't want my computer muted so I could listen to different music. I love these nice little puzzler games, but I like turning off the background music.

LeoGautama responds:

I can do that but it'll most likely remove everyone's save data.

This is actually a pretty fun game

You know man, I thought this game was just a rip off version of "Minesweeper" when I first saw it, but it's actually a pretty rad game!
Nothing groundbreaking, nothing new, but it's a cool little time waster. had to actually scratch my head at some of these.
3 stars :)

LeoGautama responds:

Now that you mention it, numbered tiles and yellow smiley face. I should've known why it seemed strangely familiar.

Interesting concept with a bit of playability. Needs an option to mute the music, which is horrendous (if the option exists, I couldn't see it). Seems a bit laggy on completing levels. Worth a play.

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2.61 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2015
5:22 AM EST
Puzzles - Other