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All Systems: DOWN

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Get it on Android or iOS with Leaderboards & Achievements at the HubPage: http://pizzamakesgames.itch.io/all-systems-down

It was supposed to be an uneventful delivery of a barrel of Spectagons to the inner circles of the Plexajon system. How we ended up racing towards the ground at 3.7 Spiggajiggs an hour, I can't tell. Though, now we're in it for the crystals. We need them, or else...

All Systems: DOWN is a simple one-button game in which you shoot obstacles and collect crystals to shoot more obstacles to collect more crystals. The game gets progressively harder as you fall towards the ground until you can't handle it anymore and die, at which point you can share your Hiscore on the leaderboard and compete with your friends or try again and go for one of several achievements.

Now, deliver those Spectagons!

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The game is really really simple. Like the "made in 24 hours" kind of simple. The concept was very clever (AwkwardSilence777 got it right imho). But... that's it. That's not enough to make a full game. (something with enough replay value to be worth it for me to take my phone, open google play, search for your apk download and install it). The 4 stars are because i'd love to see this develop to a full game, it has a good potential, and the other .5 is because it's very polished, the graphics fit together nicely (except maybe the bouncing game over screen, that's a little childish i think)... Keep working on it!
(For example, what about making the game horizontal and adding a "jump" option? Also, as someone suggested before, medikits would be nice)
P.S., Pizza, FTW

Why does the leader board have an X over it? Does it not work? Is the leader board a lie? Is the system... down?

Pizzamakesgames responds:

Check the game description. The Newgrounds/Itchio version doesn't have leaderboards cause I don't know about a leaderboard API for those two platforms. The Game Jolt, iOS and Android versions do have leaderboards. Hope I could help clear things up.

You know those ads that lets you play a mini game for like 5 secs before linking you to their website? Yeah... I'll play those.

left click to shoot you guys, was that supposed to be hard to figure out?

I actually really enjoyed the game, its challenging to balance between choosing to take the easy shot and destroy the ammo, or collect the ammo and take the harder shot. And you only have half a second to decide! THEN you have to make another decision right after!

idk this game really clicked with me for some reason, others seem to be giving it a lot of hate.

To make it better I would recommend adding healing items, so that way you get the "I just need to hold on a little longer" aspect in the game.

I was ok with the blocks (rather then enemy ships) because its a simple symbol to watch out for, crudely animated enemy ships would have taken away from the gameplay for me. sometimes the simple way is best. When you go to replace the block with something, make it something good. (maybe just keep the blocks, I like blocks)

CONTROLS? Sure, it's "one button", but WHICH button???

Pizzamakesgames responds:

Every button. You can literally press any key on your keyboard, click your mouse or press any button on your game pad if you have one hooked up. For the Menus, your mouse just has to be in the lower half of the screen in order to replay or start the game. Maybe that helps.