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Kill La Kill Hentai Demo

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An interactive hentai animation featuring Matoi Ryuko from Kill La Kill

The full version is available on zone-archive.com

Thanks to Piper for the Japanese translations..

In Kill La Kill, the move names use homonym Kanji to either create Kanji for words that don't already have Kanji, or to make a pun or joke. This made the translation process very complicated. So while the Kanji in this Flash may look strange to Japanese speakers, the way they are used is consistent to the anime. (In other words, very bad puns.)

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This isn't Kill la Kill, Still Amazing tho
100/10 nice job.

i used to watch this on ph when i was like fucking 11

Kill la Kill. Another anime, and Zone spiced it up with rule 34. It is indeed a change from the past me of reviewing movies.

This is a new review on the Kill la Kill hentai. Some people reacted me with sleeping, and one even reposted one of my reviews on a new Newgrounds page. If you're new here, I'm glad that you can join and read my reviews. I use Adobe Animate and a flash decompiler. Disclaimer: This review corresponds to the full version of this animation.

Before I start reviewing it, let's get the name straight - ZONE brands this as an "interactive animation", and I think this is quite wrong. Scene Viewer is a more better name, although this is an original animation and not from a separate Kill la Kill hentai like how FandelTales and Party Games did it. The term "interactive animation" is more appropriate to your other games like HentaiKey Girl 5, Krystal the Teacher, and Natsume 2, among others. If it's just changing scenes and clicking some easter eggs, like Wakfuck, I don't think that this is the right term.

First things first, the contents. Let me mention it right now:  6710 shapes, 50 morph shapes, 32 images, 187 sounds, 6 fonts, 144 texts, 498 sprites, 34 buttons, 12931 frames, 21 actions, and 15 miscellaneous tags. TL;DR, there's a lot more than some previous ZONE animations. But the sounds, I think it's more fragmented - 187 sounds. For the looped music, dialogues, and sound effects, which includes the fundamentals of a hentai: squishy sounds, moaning, and some voice acting, of course. To be honest, I can't tell if it is INDEED original voice acting or voice ripped straight from the anime, like ZONE's previous animations. I'd assume the latter, since Wakfuck came out the same year or last year, and some folks are saying that the intro is the exact same as one of the scenes in Wakfu, and I'd assume that before XXXtreme Ghostbusters, although take this statement with a grain of salt. Either way, the quality is really good. The music? There are two musics if I'm correct, first one is for the sex scenes

What I've, however, seen during the process of the review are some hidden texts, including some unused select scene and dialogues. I still therefore don't know when the hidden dialogues appear, probably unused. The first is, "You perverted sailor uniform!" and the second one is, "Ryuko, calm yourself. You're getting too worked up." If you actually found both of these dialogues in the game, hit me up. Then, about the select scene. There are 26 scenes, and when I use the flash decompiler, there are the names of the scenes which are the following, which, to be honest, doesn't need more explanation:

1 - Hanging Around
2 - Fiber Wedgie
3 - Nipple Clamps
4 - Pussy Spread
5 - Clit Teasing
6 - Pussy Licking
7 - Prepare for Oral
8 - Slow Oral
9 - Fast Oral
10 - Oral Orgasm
11 - Slow Vaginal
12 - Fast Vaginal
13 - 2x Vaginal 1x Anal
14 - 2x Vaginal 1x Anal Orgasm
15 - More Hanging Around
16 - Whipping
17 - Anal Teasing
18 - Slow Anal
19 - Fast Anal
20 - Anal Orgasm
21 - Slow Anal & Oral
22 - Fast Anal & Oral
23 - Anal & Oral Orgasm
24 - Slow Anal Oral & Vaginal
25 - Fast Anal Oral & Vaginal
26 - Anal Oral & Vaginal Orgasm

Now, let's talk about the art and animation. In the veins of animation by ZONE, it's really good. Clean, fluent, and detailed. I can even say that her body (also probably her boobs :/) moves more fluently than previous animations. One thing that I noticed is in the beginning of the 13th scene, which closes fluently after the tentacle pulls out, before other tentacles enter her holes. If you want to see this, get a Cheat Engine, get the Flash version, get the Cheat Engine, slow it down before the 13th scene starts, and zoom on her pussy. The lines on her body are well defined. Although about the details, it's not always detailed. In the second part (Ryuko's body turned upside down), when she has vaginal sex, I actually expected the same level of detail like the first one. But when I used flash decompiler, her vagina is not like the previous, but it's just a pinkish red oval (if i'm correct) with a line circling it. Given the fact that I actually reviewed and watched Tentacles II, which is about Starfire tangled in tentacles, having sex, and had her panties broken, and it had lots of details is pretty surprising. The details were pretty impressive and it was from 2008. Although people don't really dig deep on these animations, it's something to point out. Oh yeah, about art, like in previous animation, it's great. Although it doesn't match up with Matoi Ryuko from the anime, I feel like this art style is better suited for this type of animation. But it feels weird for the fact that ZONE often has the same art style to the same animation he works on. But for the animation, when Satsuki does a manologue, the background, which is Ryuko tied up, doesn't move. I know that for some it is an anime thing, but I think that it could add some realism.

For people that often use one of the, let's say "right-click features" which pauses the animation (unchecking Play) or to move frame-by-frame, well, uncheck Play, and only the background and the camera movement stops. Also in Satsuki's monologues, it stops after she talks, I believe. And when you uncheck Play in the 10th, 14th, and 26th scenes, when the effect appears, it will play improperly. For example, when you uncheck Play when it zooms aggresively, well it will still play it, but stops the camera movement and the continuation, until you check Play. In fact, it won't pause and show the text when massive amounts of semen came out.

About the story and the contents, and no, not the contents defined in the Flash Decompiler, it's what you'd get in this animation. Now, this is a hentai animation, but it's based on an Eastern anime, Kill la Kill. Unlike some previous ones that I've reviewed, this actually positions it as an actual true hentai, not a cartoon porn. Although it's not hentai created in Japan, it does still retain the ZONE feel, which a lot of people loved. The advantage is that there are no more monologues from their mind or their mouth basically talking about one's experience during tentacle sex, like "The tentacles touch right where it feels best" or "my body feels wet". I hate them since I first watched hentais. In here, she's just moaning, and probably shouting "Senketsu!" when having sex.

For the sex scenes, it's really good, and with the idea that it loops, you can enjoy the animation hours and hours. You can just have Ryuko having sex for hours and hours. And it's cleanly looped despite the "juices" flowing out from either holes, partly because she's pretty much flailing in the air and tentacles hold her. The scenes all make sense, although the way the boobs jiggle is weird. In the 12th scene the boobs jiggle too fast, but in the 19th, 22nd, and 25th scenes, they don't jiggle as fast. Also the boobs are much smaller when Ryuko was upside down. Either there's something to do with proportion, or it's just me, it's confusing stuff.

Back to the idea that it loops. The one thing that I like is that it could manage a clean loop despite the tentacles burting a lot of semen. Take a look at the 20th scene. After the tentacle gives her anus...that, well for the first it stayed, while the tentacle continues to do the thing, that is bursting semen. The same goes for the 23rd scene. Although I'd say that's too much semen.

This animation also has some other things in the main animation. Like in both the first and the 15th scenes, where Ryoko demanded to continue. Alright, so she doesn't like the tentacle sex she has suffered, and she demanded to continue the "training"? WHAT A GIRL! Or in the 5th scene, where at random intervals, she will squirt after her clit is teased some time. I appreciate these additions.

We can't finish the review without talking about the easter eggs. There are only 2 easter eggs, the first being a running cycle, by clicking Satsuki's eyes in the beginning. But if you want an another sex scene, then there's an another anal sex. You trigger this bonus scene after clicking a red line flying in the 10th, 14th, or 26th scene. Senketsu becomes really big, and Ryuko is pretty much nude, and her hairstyle is gone, unlike the main animation. And well, she has anal sex. Although I can't find a way to return in-animation except resetting the Flash. Plus, look at how the boobs jiggle, it's too hard for just a slow anal sex at the start.

ZONE has a reputation of creating cartoon porns in which the animation feels similar to its source material, and although this is a little break of a tradition, it pretty much paid off well. The idea of a scene viewer like this is a great idea, because you can just view it in many, many hours before the tentacle cums. It has great voice quality, all-enjoyable scenes, easter eggs, and stellar and fluent animation, things that you'd expect from ZONE. For such an animator with a huge following, there's pretty much no room to cut corners here. The proportion and unnatural boob jiggles are maybe some things, but if you look past both of it, this animation is enjoyable and of course, it definitely delivers. ZONE, you deserve an another 5 star.

This concludes the revised review of Kill la Kill. Sorry for some mistakes in grammar and pronunciations.

really nicely made.