ghost desert

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in ghost desert, you play as a ghost from the desert. Move with the arrow keys. gameplay is really short, but it' s an interactive poem made in a couple of minutes using the stencyl game engine. also my first game made with stencyl

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one for the badist things i have done it is a wast of my time dont play ever

Nuuup responds:

what ?

Nice first game. I like the part with the spoiler and the spoiler. This is a voice of the generations. I like the wording. The trip isn't going to be easy but I hope it makes it. Sort of a coming of age with nice effects and blinks. Well sorted, well arranged. Don't let this detour you from destiny and keep moving forward. Good luck. gg

Nuuup responds:

Hey bcunderscore ! Thanks for the review !

well its not to bad for a first try i dont really mind the crappy art but it has far to many movement bugs

Nuuup responds:

the movement thing is intentional ;)

The fuck? Sorry bro, but you missed a lot of bases on this one.

1. The Poem made no sense.

2. The game was too short, and the gameplay was simple. Too simple.

3. The music hurts my ears.

You can't just make a game in a few minutes. You need time, so you can polish it so it can be a great flash that people enjoy. Also, some people don't appreciate no-effort games made with Stencyl.

Take the time to learn how to make an !enjoyable! game.

Nuuup responds:

i made this game in the morning and i actually tried

i also think graphics are the last thing to worry in a game; the thing that matters the most for me is the player' s experience. thank you for the review though

Alright, to be brutally honest, The music is annoying, the art is less then poor, the poem is hard to read or even understand. I don't really know if this could classify as a game. I mean no offense, at least you tried, but I feel I wasted my time interacting with it. I'm fine with a poem in a game, but there is a right and wrong way to incorporate it. 1. less annoying, or more fitting music. 2. readable, understandable text. 3. perhaps more detailed graphics that make some inkling of sense toward the story or poem. I honestly feel like this was an attempt at trolling and may have wasted my time even trying to offer constructive criticism.

Nuuup responds:

sorry but i dont troll people ;)
trolling is bad mkay

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1.46 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2015
10:24 AM EST
Adventure - Other