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Push Hands (~1wk Jam)

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Author Comments

PUSH HANDS is an unconventional fighting/rhythm multi-player game loosely based on the Baguazhang exercise. Play is simple: Either player may attack the other player at any time by pressing one of the directional buttons; the slower player must match the direction pressed by the first within a short timeframe to block the strike. If the defending player moves too slowly or presses the wrong direction, they lose. Similar to the Baguazhang exercise, you get more out of the game by seeking a flow with the other player rather than just throwing a barrage of attacks. I designed, coded, and folied the game myself (except for the air-cut sound effect, that one was a bear!)

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A pretty unique game! Though I currently have no other local person to test this with (would've been nice with an option to play against computer) I like the idea. Each arrow key depicts a different move and counter (so it's educational too), which you'll have to recognize/relate to the right key too match. Time limit's not too short, but short enough it seems pretty challenging. Fast-paced and easy to play again and again, though I imagine if you play it enough you'll learn to block moves almost automatically. I like the swishing sounds and the 'Gong' of the fight too, it all feels very efficient; functional. Graphics are stylishly minimal and colors a good contrast. Nice game!


This is reminding me very heavily of Flying Warriors (US) on the NES. In that game the computer decided who was attacking and who was defending in randomized patterns and players had to be quick enough to properly attack or defend. Here the attacks and defenses are dictated by whoever is faster, which is interesting but doesn't give much slack or forgiveness to players. Would be cool to make it more like landing several hits in a row to win instead of just one.

kiddRaddical responds:

Hmm never heard of that game but I'll give it a try! The new (bigger) version I'm developing has counters/cancels, blocks, and all that good stuff. Thanks for playing :)

Fantastic game, such a great concept. the only thing I can complain about is it's only local co-op and there's no singleplayer mode.

I look forward to seeing the creators progress on the game and hopefully it will have online multiplayer in the near future.

kiddRaddical responds:

Thanks so much! Working on a full version now with way more content so any comments/critique are appreciated

I think this game is real interesting, quick, and I can see a lot of people becoming professionals at this for some reason, and the kicking my ass at it, good job! good show!

kiddRaddical responds:

Thanks so much!

Could see myself playing this with sumone, wuz enven fun playing against ymself

kiddRaddical responds:

Thanks for playing! Make sure it try it with a friend, it's designed for 2 people :)