Sex-arcade 277: Psylocke

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Subject: Psylocke
Occupation: Adventurer
Hourly Charge: $ 300,00
Acquisition Date: 23/11/2014
Acquisition Level: Medium

See the original post her: http://tinyurl.com/q6nuwu3

This was one of the most time spending pics I ever did! it toke me around 36 to 40 hours to get it done. Its to many fullbody characters in just one scene.

(this one is still without music, and there will be a few more like this, but in the newer ones i'm adding music)

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What Song is this ?

Btw Nice Drawing

TheSabu responds:

Thanks! XD and this is from a band called "CAKE"

That was really awesome to watch, not that I want to be an ass, but don't you think psyloke's body scale is just a tad bit off. If you picture her standing up she seems like a giant to the others in the drawing. Anyway, overall fucking awesome work man. Psyloke is the best!! :)

TheSabu responds:

Thanks very much man! and your right! the scale is really a bit off, Psylocke looks much bigger than the others characters, but unfortunatelly I just notice that after the pic was done XP

So, to shoot your spooge in this babe it costs only $20 ?!?!
In the Author's comments, it says "Hourly Charge: $300,00"; so that comma is either in the wrong spot, or it's suppose to be a decimal . I'm gonna assume it's a decimal, that making the asking amount $300 / hour; but wait there is a sale promotion going on! The sale is for 1/3 the time, but reduces the price by 80%. Doing the math; a normal 20 min session would go for $100 (a fair price, a great price for what you are penetrating), but with the sale, it drops down to $20 for 20 minutes.
At that price, it could be a chained dairy cow and people would still be waiting in line; but this is a very attractive Asian chick with special powers, so the line would be so long that news choppers would be hovering about trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I mean,,,,a dollar a minute,,,,holy hard-on.

Oh, nice picture :-)

TheSabu responds:

hahaha XD
thanks man! ^^

Very good art and music choice! Keep it up!

TheSabu responds:

Thanks very much! And cake is awesome! \o

My only qualm is the length of the video. I know at a certain point, it becomes too fast to be enjoyable. The only thing I'd suggest is maybe, fo the longer than 10 to 20 min videos, breaking them up into parts. The average human loses attention after 3 mins. Other than that it was enjoyable.

TheSabu responds:

Thanks for your suggestion! unfortunatelly, I record this videos as rewards for my Patreon, and for that, it is better to keep them in just one part, and it would be too much trouble spliting them after that (rendering takes too much time XP).