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Miners of the Sky

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Fight side by side with your fleet and build a functioning Asteroid Mining facility that can defend against pirates.

Make sure your Main Station is NOT destroyed by organising your towers and building them strategically. Once you have used up all of your command points you can join the fight with your fleet and help defend the pirate horde from winning. Please be aware that i'm still working on the game and will be improving the game over time.

Left click to fire normal gatling cannon.
Right click to fire rocket cannon.
Press Tab to switch between Pilot mode and Build mode.
WASD to move.

[A little guide]
Make sure you build a Power Coil and a Depot first because without these you will not be able to get any money. After that i would recommend building another Power coil a distance away from the previous one, Then build another Depot for extra economy boost. The rest is up to you...

Please be aware the "How to play menu is not for PC so ignore it"

Feedback is very welcome.

Have fun!

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This was a pretty interesting space exploration game, one where you can really customize the station to the fullest and see how it expands. I like the pixel artwork and ease of options, and in particular, I love that music! It's got a strange kind of ambient energy to it, reminded me of Oni at the beginning (a game I consider has one of the best OSTs of all time). Nice work!



i did enjoy this game, ALLOT...but there was a few flaws like unable to save game, not a whole lot of things to do, allot of waiting,
and i count this you don't have to but story plus on the fact it seemed too much like Mastermind WC and Starcraft together

there was good things too i enjoyed the fact of simulation, music, animation, space ships, mining and its a space tower defense

the only error i could find was in the building mechanism some times you could build ontop of the building and some times you couldn't and you had to build really far away

anyway i hope this game gets released i can't wait to see what the public think -Weta