The Hearts

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20M5K 5 Points

Score at least 5000 points in 20 moves mode

60s5K 5 Points

Score at least 5000 points in 60s mode

CH5K 5 Points

Score at least 5000 points in Challenge mode

Chain8 5 Points

Create a chain of at least 8 hearts

20M10K 10 Points

Score at least 10000 points in 20 moves mode

20M15K 25 Points

Score at least 15000 points in 20 moves mode

60s15K 25 Points

Score at least 15000 points in 60s mode

CH15K 25 Points

Score at least 15000 points in Challenge mode

Chain12 25 Points

Create a chain of at least 12 hearts

20M25K 50 Points

Score at least 25000 points in 20 moves mode

60s20K 50 Points

Score at least 20 000 points in 60s mode

CH30K 50 Points

Score at least 30000 points in Challenge mode

Chain14 50 Points

Create a chain of at least 14 hearts

Author Comments

The rules are simple - press and hold the left mouse button and slide over at least 2 hearts of the same color to remove them! Remember, longer chains = better score! Submit your score at the end of the game to see who is the best!

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Cute and challenging.

This is a fun game. Reminds me of Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga.

This game is straight forward. This is fun to play. the levels were no bad at all. Each level has a type of Challenge of their own. i tried them all.
The hearts were really something. i loved the design of them and the color design of them on the other hand. The 60 Seconds really focuses on Speed. it has great balance in my Opinion. I Did enjoy making chains as i play the game. I Did get some big chains. I really enjoyed the game as i played for the very first time.
I Did get medals. I will get the rest of the medals when i play the game again. Anyways I Did like the game when i played. Keep up the awesome work

shajby responds:

I always like reading comments like this one, thanks so much!

This game feels like an ambient addiction! Replaying the levels isn't a gruelingly aggravating process, but more of a hopeful one, that the blocks will turn out better, that you'll connect them quicker... it's like an arcade lottery, with a little strategy involved. The 60 seconds mode places a lot of focus on reaction speed, which is a good balance against the other two, though I prefer those better, being able to create chains at my own pace, hoping for the right colors to drop down, it's a catchy game! Highscores; medals all work well. Good game!


shajby responds:

Thanks for your great feedback and comments! Glad you enjoy the game!

This game is decent overall - having a mix of arcade points type of gameplay and a bit of puzzle strategy. I played through and got all of the achievements except one. However, in terms of mechanics and theme it does lack some kind of higher level uniqueness.. almost, like a kind of complexity. I think for me at least.. Overall the game works, but it's so simple and straight-forward not a huge impression is made on me, I feel as a gamer.
if you found a way to combine your game here with something like this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/650550
then you would have something VERY interesting..

One final thought. I think it would be nice, and cool, if you found a way to program the challenge mode to always have at least one possible 5-chain hidden somewhere in the board, so that it was possible to continue on endlessly... I say "it would be nice" because I imagine working that out would be a little tricky-- what could easily be done is to have a no-points infinite mode just playing for nothing but to pass time (very high replay value in a way).. but boring, so "it would be nice"..

I've played "Words All Around" too, and I have similar feelings about that- naturally, they are very similar games..

shajby responds:

Thanks so much for great and constructive comments, I will definitely think about them more!

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2015
9:54 AM EST
Skill - Collect