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Extreme Treadmill Surviva

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You have been kidnapped, stripped down, and put on the world's most extremest and dangerous treadmill. Death is inevitable but see how long you can last before the demons, spikes, or bombs kill you! You are randomly assigned your characters hat Sometimes you will be a brain eating zombie jumping over bombs or maybe Ozzy crushing demons under his bare feet.

Created by Andreas lidell

Music by:
Kasper Svensson


The game can be quite stressful. I sorta wish there was an incentive to get a higher score.

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great game, simple and fun. there is a glitch were a spring board will get stuck in the pipe that drops items and nothing will fall through

Very interesting but this game is missing the L in survival nobody noticed that lol.

AndreasL responds:

Yeah the full title wouldn't fit and I didn't want to name it ExtremeTreadmillSurvival

So, I found a cool glitch in your game. If you have the pogo stick, bounce on a cannon with a bomb behind it, it will launch the cannon upward in the area with no spikes and take you with it. You stay alive and the clock just keeps running.
Graphically and conceptually, it's alright. the music is good.

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This was actually quite spectacular. The idea is great. As a time waster it did not get boring. I did get to see the demons with my 77 score. Tip: stay in the first couple tiles after the drop chute. Good luck to you all.

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3.14 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2015
9:09 AM EST
Skill - Avoid