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Arrow Keys - Move Ship
Z - Shoot
X - Bomb
C - Special
V - Slow down/Show hit box
P - Pause

Game size is ~9mb / 3 different levels

Requires the Unity Web Player plugin:

Kinda new to the game development thing so feedback is appreciated (artwork isn't my thing but I made/generated everything with Genetica and Aseprite).

Rebuilt in Unity 5
Made enemy bullets slightly smaller
Fixed the pause button showing the game over panel

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A real bullet-hell! It's fun, fastpaced, and the controls are lighting smooth. Overall it's great, but the menu does feel a bit bland, and in the game, you don't get much feedback (well, none) when you hit an enemy, only when they explode. Would feel more rewarding if every impact has an effect, just like their bullets do on you. Also, pausing the game shows a 'Game Over' message with the Continue below it. Good game overall. Keep it going!


Faker1089 responds:

Thanks for the review. Fixed the pause menu issue, bullet feedback I'm still working on.

Since you accelerate into your top speed the controls actually feel slippery. Consider making this a constant speed instead of something that is accelerated into. Tight controls are incredibly important for a game like this!

You understand the hitbox should be small but maybe the enemy bullets could be smaller as well? Keep in mind that it should always be possible to live through any bullet hell game no matter how intense the action gets and it should be human possible. You start your game off with a very high difficulty curve...

Faker1089 responds:

Shrank the bullet size a little, but yeah I was using Exceed 3rd Black and Touhou 8 as references so my difficulty curve was a little skewed when I was designing levels (first time for this type of game so I had no clue where or how to start). Thanks for letting me know.

If you're new to programing games here is a personal rule of mine that every programer should follow to: as soon as got add some sound, music, sound effects, etc. also add a mute button. For all of the players who want's to listen to there own music streams of online TV. And as I'm one of there players i will cut of a whole star of my rating because of the missing button.

2.5 for working game
+0.5 for a decent graphic
-1 for no mute

Faker1089 responds:

Added toggles (albeit wonky because Unity) for music and sound effects.

cant put my finger on it but something doesnt feel complete about it. I reallly liked the music. And your special bomb looked really cool. the bullets did not always damage me, that or hitbox for ship is too small.

"Kinda new to the game development thing" not bad considering, I'd just recommend touching up the art some. Also UI is really important, the text alone doesnt make it very nice UI.

Keep going, i'd love to see what you do next.

Faker1089 responds:

I'm planning on fixing the UI in a later update once I figure out a decent layout. The hitbox is the orange dot on the ship (it's similar to games like Touhou, Exceed, etc) and the not feeling complete about it is probably my lack of experience in this genre. Thanks much for the feedback.

nice game I voted to get this out Under Judgment could u take a look at my Under Judgment game?

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3.10 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2015
3:03 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight