Blue Box

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There's one rule - jumping on new box shrinks it. And one constraint - second jump grows the box back.
Goal is simple - destroy all the blue boxes on each level.


Very nice game, it's challenging but it doesn't throw us right into hard puzzles, it slowly eases us into them like any good puzzle game should.
Relaxing music coupled with some addictive gameplay.

Good game. Simple and intuitive mechanics allow for some good puzzles that are never too complicated or too easy. The visual composition is, in my opinion, quite new and interesting. At first I saw only the lower section of the screen filled, and thought that it was unusual for puzzle games I've played so far. They tend to utilize the whole screen space or at least place puzzle in the center of it. Here the composition was actually more like that of a platformer game, then a puzzle. But after the introduction of a purple box mechanic the initial purpose has become clear, but the platformer-like feel left.
The puzzle mechanics itself was interesting and unusual. They required logic, but also a bit of precision and reaction, which I think is the reason why each puzzle feels fresh and dynamic. The music and simplistic visual style also work to produce the overall exciting experience.

Relaxing little puzzle game, but it could really do with a restart button and something to tell you how many levels are left. Good job though!

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Great Game ! ^^ endorse !

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3.95 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2015
4:03 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle