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hello NG . it's been a while since my last upload here . this one was comissioned by a guy who wants to be anonymous .

shout outs to the VA's who participated in this project


if you guys need VA's for NSFW or SFW content go check them out .

btw , it took me 10 months to finish this cuz we wanted to do it in a slow fashion . i also did some experimentation with the character design and animation style . i hope it works and you like it

anyway , you guys can visit patreon.com/pinoytoons . (still need some funds for my RC project :D)


How come this never happens to me when I'm playing video games? It's because I'm ugly isn't it? Or is it because I don't live in a cartoon world? :(
Oh well 5 stars!
Really love that voice actress SlaveDol... You should get her in everything you do!

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pinoytoons responds:

tnx . yep will do . she's getting better all the time

this is me

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pinoytoons responds:


Ok I'm gonna give it a shot and say they are the Olsen twins right ? It was pretty good to hear some audio in your usually mute animations and smooth syncing too. I really liked this flash.

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pinoytoons responds:

i approve this message :)

Awesome job dude, that was really sexual and also really sensual which is something that not a lot of animators can accomplish when it comes to animations that are classified as hentai instead of something more soft-core like erotica, so big ups from me!

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pinoytoons responds:

tnx . that means a lot

Don't listen to those negetive nancies. They're obviously just jealous, and rightfully so. This is by far one of your best to date. It shows that more time was taken in that the animation is as smooth as ever, and the transitions flowed well. And the voice acting was just fine. Anyone who says otherwise is either deaf, or hasn't heard the lower level of quality that we usually have to settle for.
Den outta Den!

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pinoytoons responds:

tnx mate . i'm glad to see interesting reviews :D

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3.93 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2015
2:16 AM EST