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Paris Room Escape

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Author Comments

Paris Room Escape is an escape game in which you went to visit Paris. You checked in at a nice hotel which has view to the Eiffel Tower and everything was perfect. The only problem was that the door of you room got broken and now you can’t get out. As you don’t have a phone in your room, you can’t call anyone from the hotel stuff to release you. The only solution is to search around the room and find a solution to open the door. Look around carefully and find objects which could help opening the door.

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EscapeFan responds:

Yes :)

I agree to some of the previous reviewers, it's a bit boring since there are no puzzles. The only thing you do is run around and click everything in hope its collectable. Why don't you add some logic puzzles ?

And one last thing ... what were the seven towers for ? the .. towers of Paris ? don't know how it's called in EN, but there was no use for them in this game.

all in all a basic 2.5 rating.
Solid working game but nothing special or new.

Game play is a little confusing because there is no hint in a hotel room. All I did was clicking on various items and hidden spots to find out more.

The plane puzzle isn't straightforward. After trials and errors, I figured out what I had to do with them. Hint: number=number of clicks and card order=sequence.

Ending music is nice.

I think it's a goos concept, however I think it would be definetly better if the order of the things changed each time you reiniciate the game; but since it's the same thing all the time it's kind of boring...

Im not a fan of escape game but i dont think this is the best game for the genre