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Not sure if every thing works yet.
This has taken about 10 hours to make. It's a simple side scroller platform game. Collect all the gems to complete the level.

Collect blocks which you can lay at any time to create a platform to stand on in the air.

I haven't really made any sound effects yet. This demo is just to see if things are working

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I've been finding your tuts on AS2 educational - thanks a bunch & keep up the good work :)

KRAnimationsUK responds:

cool thanks. glad they've helped you.

yea the sound was nice but maybe some background music is needed and the art work is nice

KRAnimationsUK responds:

definitely. i'm making the whole thing on my own so writing code, design and music obviously takes a long time but i will get round to doing some music for it. appreciate the feedback

Can't stand on some of he platforms which prevents collecting blue harts.

KRAnimationsUK responds:

You have to find a way to get to all the gems. It is possible. Some times there are hidden platforms in the clouds or you have to jump on to something to spring board up. Or in the first level you can coolect blocks and re-lay them in the air to get to difficult areas. But thanks for the comment

It's simple yet pretty good for a demo game.The character moves smoothly and there are no glitches and it did not lag so far.While there are other characters in the game,maybe more interaction with them(besides bumping into spiked monsters) would make the gameplay more interesting(for example,there is an old person on Level One and he could run away from the player's character as he looks like a robber and further on,there's a police officer who could give chase,which means that there would have to be more controls for the character to run,slide and do other actions(opening doors/windows.)The storyline(if there's one) may be that the player's character isn't a hero but a 'baddy' getting away from justice,something a little different from the other stories,though it's also not a new idea.Each level in this game is pretty big so there could be more hidden areas to find treasures and more characters to interact with.The character may have tools to help in the levels like a hammer and a crowbar to smash and break open stuff and a shop could be added in the game,so as to get more and better tools like a blowtorch which could bought with loot.Anyway,besides some improvements,this game is a great start for a bigger project,so keep it up and good luck!

KRAnimationsUK responds:

Nice advice thanks. All the NPC's have a bit of AI and I think you can attack all of them by pressing SPACE BAR. The second level has NPC's with swords that are alerted when you're near them and attack if you get too close. But all of your advice is good and helpful. thanks

Background music would be nice, more sound effects. My biggest issue with this game is that everything goes so slow that it almost makes the game impossible to play.

KRAnimationsUK responds:

Ok, the game shouldn't lag too much. No sure if any one else has had that issue but i'll look into it. This demo really is just to see if the game works and how i can improve but I started working on some sounds and the second level has a short theme tune playing in the back ground. Thanks though

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Feb 18, 2015
4:17 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other