Call Me Slash

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Hello, Grounders!
After 7 months of Development Hell, this masterpiece drops like the base in a Skrillex song. The first episode of a side-dish series named "TMNT: Nick Scenes Redone" which is pretty much... what the title says it is.

This animation is a remake of a scene in the 2k12 series' 7th episode in Season 2 titled "Slash and Destroy" in which Slash, after a chat with Raph chooses his weapon and gears up.

I'm especially proud of how this came out. The only nitpicks I have with this is that some of the animation is a little shaky, off-modelling is rampant for Raph (mostly because drawing his head just right is really hard) and the abrupt audio cut because I didn't want to animate Raph jumping off the roof is kind of jarring. Otherwise, this is a good short altogether.

TMNT (c) Viacom, All rights reserved
2014-15 TMNTSam Animations

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NOt bad, pretty good animations

Aww, what a tease!
It was a well rounded animation short. I was hoping for more though.