GameGrumps Fanimated 2013

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I animated this in 2013, and wouldn't you know it, in the middle of it, Jon decided to....*sniff* leave. This is the unfortunate result.


Funnier then a rat's poopy butt, good work chap

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Wow there are NOT a lot of reviews on this! :(
Hey Mermaid, The animation here is good. I like the art aswell.
I'd say this caliber of animation is an A+.
I'm noticing you have a very dark sense of humor. That's great, plenty of people love that.
One thing that you and I (the loyal viewer) find entertaining is the google image search montage. But I have to say, the more reasonable first-time viewer will find this incredibly "spammy".
I want to say that an ending like that is not worthy of the prior animation. It almost seems like it belongs on the youtube poop corner of the internet. I don't mean that as an insult. I mean that as a general guide point. Your beautiful animation is marred by the one minute of non-animated visuals that come immediately after.

Here is something that Isn't fully understood even by me. The eye enjoys more of the same during a single sequenced than a jolting an abrupt change-of-style. The same outro would have given you higher makrs and regard from the new viewers (strangers) if it was a bunch of DRAWN stills instead of pictures. That's right, Something that is only DRAWN in the same style as what came before would be seen as "better" than the equivalent in image stills.

I see that you have been really cranking out the animations. that is awesome. I hope that you continue. You keep doing your own art, here are some notes about style choices and popularity ratings:
Blatant nudity can turn some people away. (it doesn't seem like it should, but when people want funny they rarely want genitals) Again, this only applies to a very few.

I'll save some review for future animations. BRB

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The expressions :D

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This is great.

Lol.....smh lol

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3.21 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2015
11:24 AM EST
Comedy - Parody