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Author Comments

A little game, made in two days and strongly inspired by Star Control 2/Ur-Quan Masters.

Controls: press A and D to rotate your spaceship, W to accelerate and SPACE to fire.

This is my first game, so i really want to see some detailed critique about it.
Sound effects from freesound.org, music by Vahnson

EDIT: Version 1.1
- Dragonmorph Medium rocket damage nerfed
- Araxi Marauder balanced (speed and turning rate increased)
- Friction added
- Font troubles fixed

EDIT: Version 1.1.1
-Friction temporary disabled because of come problems with AI. I'll try to fix it

Post Scriptum:
Let's be honest, I'll never update this thing again. This little buggy test don't really worth it.

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It looks decent; the animated cockpit views of each pilot are a nice touch. The ships themselves don't look too bad, either. It's also cool that each ship has different weapon types and (I think) different movement speeds and accelerations.

The first big problem with the game is the controls. It feels like you're always out of control. Since you can reach high speeds using a fairly large ship (compared to such a small screen), both ships are constantly hitting the edges and teleporting elsewhere. It looks like the enemy ship always moves in a straight line, but it moves so quickly and teleports so often that it's still annoying to catch up with it.
I feel that this kind of gameplay doesn't work well in a 1vs1 situation since you only have a single target and it's too chaotic just trying to catch up to it. Even though it's in space, some friction would be great to give the player more control!

The other problem is that there's no feedback on each hit - when you hit the enemy, you don't see your weapon particles explode or hear a "hit" sound effect. Same goes for when you get hit. The weapon particles just disappear, making it hard to distinguish between it successfully impacting from it going out of range. Audio/visual feedback here is really important!

I think it has potential for a first game. Besides my problems above I think it could be a cool game as something for two-players on a keyboard to play.

Kiloru responds:

Thanks for useful feedback, sir!
Maybe, i will try to fix it with increasing of screen size and scaling, because friction transforms game into battle of two static turrets. That's not probably what i tried to do x]
Therer is no problems with feedback, i'll add it.
Thank you again.

Not bad, a fun game

This game being as rough as it is, has some possibility of being enjoyable, but it would take quite a bit of work on everything before I believe I would be able to actually sit and enjoy playing it. There are some things that I believe should be added. First a tournament mode in which you have to upgrade your ship to be able to survive more difficult enemies. Second add a wave based survival mode with an upgrade system like the tournament mode. Those are just a few things to think about. Also this game is what would happen if asteroids was mixed with combat for the 2600.

I think that the game is not bad and control the game is worse, and difficult to controlled ship, you had to dedicate more time, because during the two days you can not create anything wonderful. Overall this is a well made, but that's all. Otherwise, it's a good idea, keep it up.

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2015
10:37 AM EST