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CAGH: Atari 2600

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my one complaint is your ruthless rip off of Dr. Steve Brule... otherwise a wonderful parody..

Samination responds:

I don't even know who that is, so I couldn't have ripped him off....ruthlessly. :|

Thankfully the children of tomarrow will never have to go outside ever again because now they have green grass and blue skies as the screen savers on their i pads.

Samination responds:

Now they just ask what it is.

I would love to see this stuff on adult swim, whatever that is . . .

Meh, I'll pass on this on, didn't make me laugh. Plus the slurred voice was kinda annoying

Samination responds:

THat's cool man. It's not for everyone. Maybe check out some of the other episodes. Who knows, maybe the unique humor will grow on you?

This is nowhere near as good as your other CAGH videos. Those were funny because you (or the narrator, rather) told everything wrong in a funny way. This one seemed to be just making jokes and making stuff up. Calling it the Atari 26000 would have been good enough. The and-one-plus-five-etc just wore out the joke. The rock and stick joke was also beaten to death, and wasn't very good to begin with... And telephone-vision? What made you think this was funny?

This could have been funny if you stuck to the formula of making it EXTREMELY inaccurate. But this wasn't inaccurate, it was just straight up wrong. And the "lawl that dum pothead is randum" humor is mind numbingly bad. Random is not funny. It never was. The only people who would find it funny are lobotomized preteen boys.

Samination responds:

I get it. The new stuff isn't as good as the old stuff. You are entitled to your own opinion, but personally I think this is one of the better episodes. It improves upon the formula in every way. The series was never trying to be "random", but trying to keep you from guessing what will happen next. That may be what throws some people off. Whenever you start something unique like this series, it takes time for it to find it's way. Some will prefer the original raw versions and some will prefer the more honed versions. All that matter is that I had fun making it and that I'm happy with the results. I understand everyone isn't going to like it, and that's cool.