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Click to start, click to jump. Get to the right side of the screen as fast as possible. Only fast times will get you medals.

This is a beta version, hoping for feedback and suggestions before I finish and release it for android and iOS.

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Thank you for playing, and be sure to check out my other games!

Thanks again everybody and happy gaming!

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I give this game almost the same rating I gave the flash game, ''Yellow Ball Adventure'' and surprisingly this is just like that Game. The whole style of it is yet again a 5 year old demon trying to throw a ball to a finishing line so he can't see it again. yes, I did make my own style of a story.
This game would of been a whole clone of that ball game if it weren't for it's levels and variety. The levels are tricky and the creativity is surprising for a game about a satanic possessed moving ball. Now, with all that so many things just murder it. There isn't audio which was a problem that decided to engulf the entirety of Yellow ball Adventure for me, you could play some music but that wouldn't really be as fun as to hear a sensual satanic ball ''jiggling'' it's self around and all that. But with every good apple there's a rotten mark. Another thing too is that it rips off Yellow Ball Adventure. Maybe It was Unintentionally but For now, I'm just claiming it is. It has all the problems Yellow Ball adventure has except some fixed which is good and bad. The Art style and drawing a bit better as well.

If I had to rate this game, I'd give it 7 satanic balls out of ten. ((GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, YOU DIRTY SICKOS ))

TheeSeaverShow responds:

Thanks for the review. I checked out the yellow adventure too.... It is creepy similar actually. And that is odd because ive never heard of it before you mentioned it. Thanks for the review, and looking forward to another when the final product is put on here. Thanks again!

Fun game. Will download it for the iOS

The visuals are good but the timing is just extremely tricky. Also some audio is needed. A decent start.

I mean, I really thing this game has a good idea it just needs a bit more work and i do wish you would have maybe made it so we as player had a direction on where to jump or something and honestly it was not just challenging, it was frustrating, so frustrating that i just gave up and didn't wanna play anymore. In the long run tho it has a good concept and i could tell you really tryed and that's what counts c:

TheeSeaverShow responds:

Thanks for the feedback, will keep it in mind when adjusting for the full version.

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3.44 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2015
11:32 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop