Procrastination Geometry

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build and explode, procrastinate
simple game made in a few hours, just for fun

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pretty good graphics, pointless, but good.

cool, but there is no purpose in the game - for example, adding images of buildings and based on the best build a copy, you can also give the job - build a specific building based on plans and parameters (for more advanced) could also add a change to the implosion of such gravity and bonding objects, then one could create 3D objects, adding to the 360 degree camera rotation

P.S these are just my ideas for further development

When I saw this and voted when it was in submission, I went "Wow, this is actually really good and not another copy cat unity game!". So I went ahead and bookmarked it, very good physics based tester, really fun around to play with, spent at least 4 hours threw one session screwing around. This game feels as it could really head somewhere with experimental games, and my first suggestion to make that a reality is to make to the camera is free roam instead in being in a fixed area. Or being able to swap between both? I don't know, just making suggestions. Anyway, great job on the game! ^_^

Hmmm, something this minimalist would normally piss me off.
But i will say this... this is actually a pretty decent physics test.
Good sense of gravity and velocity when things inevitably go boom.

My qualms come with the controls, i feel this would work better if the main way to see things go flying in all directions was to hit right click which then pulls down the control menu for Unity, kinda annoying other then that you just stack things and when you tire of your creation watch it go flying as wonderful geometric shrapnel.

You might have something here, if you continue to explore the idea.
All in all, not bad for a few hours of coding.

Afon responds:

just go fullscreen

Nice little toy, very well done, though it feels like I could download this with Unity by default for testing purposes.

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2015
12:21 AM EST
Gadgets - Construction Set