Infinite School Trouble

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You will play as an average high school student who just got transferred into a new school. While at school, you need to maintain good relationship with the other students. You will have the options to choose which answer that you would like to reply to the NPCs during a conversation which can affect the progress of the storyline.
- Interesting storyline
- Multiple choice when answering a conversation
- Variety of characters

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You f@#&ing ruined anime for me. this is not a good game which makes me helpless on the overall outcome.

i kinda just wanna know what the songs called

Decent. :|

wow great job for using infinite stratos make your terrible game u fucking tard!

A great game otherwise, but way too short. And your decisions don't affect the story. So replayablitity is almost zero.

I wish for a sequel, longer one with decisions affecting story.